the unsaid things..

Everyone says the trials in life will make you stronger, make you to be who you are, trials are placed before you for a reason, you need them in order to make life what it is.. blah blah blah.

I know that I am the person who I am because of those trials I've had in my life, I know I chose my career because of the life that I lived, I know by nature that this is who I am and the reason that I am this way is because of what I have had to go through..

But why couldn't I have skipped the trials, and still been who I am, and not have had to go through that (& still not have to go through things..)

Why is it so hard for others to pick up the slack? Why am I always running in circles for others?

Obviously my life has not found it's path yet, just when I let my guard down, everyone feed at once! Everyone take advantage of those who will ALWAYS pick up your slack.

Think there someone you depend on JUST a LITTLE too much? Do you do a "job"..have a "calling" in life that you don't actually give more than 25% to, and there is that one person that you completely take advantage of, that ends up doing 75% of it? Just to save your ass, just because they don't want the job to end in chaos?

Because I know a handful of people that I am that other person..and I am sick of it.

I will not go unheard, I can promise you that.

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  1. Hey, babe. And I hear you. I've been trying to say no and be more unavailable that way lately, too. (And if I've added to your stress, I am so sorry.) At least you're strong enough not to be one of those leeches, though, right? I hope you find a way to stop them from draining you. :( You can call or email me if you need to vent. *hug*