My journey.

All growing up I was skinny, until one day I just wasn't anymore.
It was actually after Kevin proposed to me that I realized I should lose weight for our wedding..but I didn't.  In fact I gained more weight with all the stress & chaos in our lives.. & forget working out or any activity of any sort I was so lazy.  I tried dieting but that wasn't flying either I was just always hungry.  
I hated my body.  I couldn't fit into any of my clothes & hated trying on new clothes to buy because nothing would fit me right.  I cried all the time & if Kevin even mentioned losing weight I just lost it. 

And then a few years later I just decided it was finally time to quit feeling sorry for myself & lose some damn weight.  It wasn't overnight & I'm not perfect, but I reached my goal weight my way on my time.  The best part was when other people started noticing I had lost weight, such a self esteem booster.  I actually hid the scale because I didn't want to get my hopes up if I wasn't losing weight.  Of course Kevin has said the whole time I looked great but he's just sweet like that.  
All in all I lost 30 pounds.

I didn't follow a "plan" per say but this is what worked for me:
Yoga every morning (literally 10 minutes)
A workout plan twice a week for 30 minutes 
(I try to target two areas for the week like butt & thighs)
Eating healthy & smaller portions
Drinking water 
(if you know me you know I love Mt. Dew..& yes I still drink it but less often)

After losing weight I feel like i'm a happier person & love the body I've worked hard to achieve. 

Update: Since posting this blog post, I lost an additional 10 pounds, which may not seem like a whole lot but when you are toning & trying to cut down those last few areas it means the world to you.

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