June 06, 2017

20 weeks bump date.

The baby is the size of a: Banana!

Gender: BOY!

Name: For now, Baby A!  We think we have a name picked out, but we're still thinking about it.

Bump: Big & proud!  
Last pregnancy I felt awkward about my belly & the weight & all the unglamorous parts of pregnancy.  This time around I'm just grateful to be pregnant & I'm embracing every stage & every pound with grace & enjoying it while it lasts!

Symptoms: All of the sudden I have so much energy!  My nesting is at an all time high (poor Kevin) & I'm busting out projects left & right!
Heartburn.  Boo.  Hiss.
Some aches & pains.  My sciatic nerve is killing me, but other than that I feel like a million bucks!

Sleep: Not super tired anymore as long as I sleep all night.. which is fun with a teething toddler but we're all surviving.  B & I might slip in a nap or two throughout the week to survive haha 

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I think all my aversions are finally subsided! HALLELUJAH! Cheese on everything please!  haha I still don't really want desserts, but hey that's fine.  Because usually i'm shoving my face all summer.  My biggest craving this pregnancy is SALT. Salty anything is on my plate.  I usually hate ranch dressing & popcorn & that has been a big craving!  Mostly though I just crave weird healthy stuff like salads & watermelon! I'm loving it! 

Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery!  We're almost done converting Benson's room for Baby A to share with him!  We added more storage in the closet, cut some dividers for the dressers & now we just need a crib & to hang some decorations!  The babe will be in our room for a couple months (hopefully haha! we know how that went with round one..)  but I'm excited for them to share a room & be cute brothers!

May 16 (18 weeks) - Daddy & Benson got to feel the baby kicking!  Benson thought it was strange & just wanted to hug him instead haha! A cute tender moment.

May 27 (20 weeks)- Had the big anatomy scan today.  Baby is always asleep when we do our ultrasounds with his cute little hand by his face.  He cooperated and gave us a cute profile shot of his little nose.  We found out that the baby only has two cord blood vessels instead of three which raised some concerns  so we had to have some extra tests done to make sure everything is okay & we will be monitoring the baby a little extra closely to make sure he is growing & getting everything he needs.  Mom has been a nervous wreck since doing the tests & is anxious to hear the results!  

May 04, 2017

Baby #2 Gender Reveal

Baby #2 is a...


Mom's vote was a girl.

Dad's vote was a girl.

Benson changed his mind last second to a boy, even though for weeks he has said girl!

But we were all wrong!

We're getting a baby brother! & we are so excited!

eighteen months.

It's hard to believe my baby is 18 months old now! But also I think we've reached a real sweet spot with him, he is very independent & sweet with a little bit of sour so it's nice being able to tell him to do something & he understands & does it!  At the same time..he gets into everything & runs away from me in Target & throws a mean tantrum so balancing out the sweet life as a toddler does.

Age: 18 months
Height: 33.5 inches
Weight: 26.5 lbs

-Getting into trouble.  Anything naughty is in his radar now.  We had our first color all over the door with a crayon this month, he loves taking off his diaper & smearing poop in the couch, the typical spill rice all over the floor, dump cat food in the cat water.. you name it, he'll try it!
-Kissing & hugging. He learned to say mmmmwah! We are soaking up all the love!
-All the boy things: cars, trains, tractors, dinosaurs.
- Pretending to burp really loud. We keep is classy around here.
- His favorite foods right now are: any berry of any kind, rice & beans, tomatoes, fish, chicken & quesadillas are a big hit, mac n cheese, pb&j, the typical kid stuff but he will only eat if he feels like it, no worries though he'll eat the food you give him just 2 hours later.

-Time Out (we call it a reflection bench, but ya know basically time out, it's good for the soul)
-Bed time
-Being told no or don't
-Any food that is green.. so no vegetable of really any kind haha

Big Moments:
-This month we took away the bop bops (binky) & never looked back! He handled it way better than we thought he would! Only has for it the first day & then just forgot about it & moved on.
-Also over the last two months we transitioned Benson from our bed into his own toddler bed! We loved co-sleeping & all the snuggles we got but it was starting to get a little squishy in our bed! We've tried a few times over the past year & finally found a hack that made him love his bed, I'll have to post about it later because it's so funny! He is still in our room but in his own bed, has a bedtime & takes 3 hour naps all of the sudden! Basically heaven at our house!
- Words: new words added to his vocabulary lately are: daddy, cat, wa wa (water), ta da!, baby, don't, no, poop, yes, idiot (hahahaha oops), cheese, gaga..which I think means something but have no idea what, ni ni (goodnight), & the other night we swore he say "oh my gosh" when his baba was in the microwave hahaha, also LOVE YOU!

-Says noises for piggy, cow, monkey, kitty, dinosaur, lion & chicken.  Basically we ask him these all day long haha they are so cute!
-Knows where his nose, eyes, mouth & ears are! & knows how to sniff stuff now, sooo cute.

April 23, 2017

baby #2: 14 week update

Baby #2 is on the way!  Due October 18th & we are SO excited!

The baby is the size of a:

Gender: unknown yet!

Name: unknown yet!

Bump: Showing & proud of it! haha I've gained maybe 5 pounds but I look so much bigger than I did with Benson.  It's nice that people know i'm for sure pregnant though, no guessing this time around!

Symptoms: my first noticable symptom was Sneezing! haha I sneeze so much when i'm pregnant! 
Nausea (new this time around, haven't thrown up but just feel sick all day)

Sleep: In bed by 9 every night haha! I'm exhausted! & Kevin has been so kind to let me sleep in every morning since Benson feels the need to wake up at 7:00 on the dot every day.

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I haven't had a lot of cravings, but my two biggest ones have been ranch dressing (which I normally hate) & cranberry juice! I have just been loving the foods that don't make me gag & eating little snacks all day.  My biggest aversion has been melted cheese haha! So random but it makes me gag! & I haven't been wanting any soda really..so kicked the mtn dew fairly easily! or sweets! I'll have a bite but it's almost too much.

Looking forward to: Being out the first trimester & feeling like myself again! & finding out the gender in 2 weeks!

Moments: Week 10 I got hit with a crazy virus & it WIPED me out! I had a high temperature for 4 days & could barely get out of bed! The only upside was an early dr appt with an ultrasound since they were worried about my temperature affecting the baby.  And the grand finale was a trip to the ER where my fever broke as I waited in the ER. haha so.. being pregnant is fun.

Week 13 Benson is starting to realize there is a reason my belly is getting bigger haha he learned the word baby recently & has started pointing to my belly & saying baby! (& then his belly, & then both the cats hahaha but..to be fair they are tubby) & then has been rubbing my belly randomly ever since!  

12 weeks      //   13 weeks     //   14 weeks

March 30, 2017

fifteen months.

Although we are done with the monthly updates, I needed somewhere to track how dang cute & fun Benson is at this age right now.  He is a ball of energy & cuteness all rolled up in one.

Age: 15 months
Height: 32.8 inches
Weight: 24.4 lbs

-Kissing & hugs.  All day every day on repeat.  I secretly hope he never grows out of this.  The best part of the day is when he comes running from the other room just to give me a kiss & runs back to the other room. My heart just melts! He also LOVES kissing all of his friends. Open mouth only. & ONLY on the lips.  He refuses to kiss on the cheek.
-His kitties.  Every morning when he wakes up he gives both cats kisses & hugs.  Neither of them appreciate his lovin but he loves squishing them & poking their noses.
-TV & the tablet.. a little too much. He now goes & sits on the couch & points to the tv like come on, turn on a show! His favorite is listening to his headphones & watching nursery rhymes on his tablet.
-Dancing! He favorite jams right now are Cake by the Ocean, J-Biebs forever, Uptown Funk & Hands Clap! Oh & the entire Trolls soundtrack.  On repeat.

-The daily annoyances (diaper changes, getting dressed, wiping his face, cleaning up his toys, etc.)
-Getting in trouble.  He bows his head and can really let out some major tears in seconds now.
-Waking up without mom & dad.
-Anybody leaving the room.. this is very recent & VERY annoying! haha sooo dramatic.
-He also gets VERY upset when Penelope tries to play with her own toys that he has stolen.. so ya know, sibling love.

Big Moments:
-For the first time ever he slept thru the night in his own big boy bed in his room! It was heaven sent & only lasted one night (so far) but boy did it feel like a Christmas miracle!
-This kid has 11 teeth right now! 11! He cut 4 molars in two weeks & we barely survived.
-At 15 months he has decided he finally has perfected his waving skills & is showing it off for the masses now! haha He seriously would NEVER wave before now but has the cutest little parade wave! I can see why he waited to perfect it!
- Words: besides the normal from the 12 months he has added: dis, dat, yes, no no no, snow, choo choo, vroom vroom, moo, meow, kack kack (quack),

November 18, 2016

mama fave: OXO tot

OXO is easily one of my favorite brands out there, we use most of their stuff in our house already & when I found out they have a Tot line for the littles I was instantly drawn towards it.  I love the simple sleek look of their products, that they are gender neutral, & that they are toddler approved.
Our first purchase from OXO was their high chair, I read reviews for ALL the high chairs, I wanted something that was functional, but wasn't going to scream WE HAVE A BABY! High chairs are just.. not that appealing to the eye, well so I thought.  I saw this high chair & thought it was actually pretty cute.  My favorite part of the high chair is how easy it is to clean, you can rip the seats off to wash in the sink, the high chair has minimal places for crumbs & the tray is super easy to wipe down!
I wish I had known about the OXO roll up bib sooner.. it would have saved a few shirt casualties along the way.  It is wide and a little heavier than the average bib so it catches anything and everything that their drop out of their mouths.  So great!
I found a little high chair hack a while back that has helped a lot, attach a command hook to the back of the high chair so you can hang bibs from it for quick easy access!
The sippy cup struggle is so rough. We probably own one from every brand, they all have their flaws & I don't think I am 100% satisfied with any one of them truthfully.  The OXO tot sippy cups are the ones I'm probably most happy with most of the time.  They both come with lids which is huge for me, there is nothing worse then finding out a sippy cup leaked all over your diaper bag..and your back while you're at the mall. They have handles so mom is off duty & they are easy to clean!
This 4 piece feeding set is so great! The plate is my favorite because it has a little lip on it for less messes, Benson's favorite part are the fork & spoon..even though he doesn't know how to use either he loves trying it out.  And as you can tell, eating is for sure Benson's favorite time of the day haha!

All the views & opinions are purely my own.

October 26, 2016


There is a harmony in Autumn & a luster in it's sky.

We loved having our fall pictures done by Victoria of My Story is Art! She was so amazing with Benson & took us to the most magical spot in the mountains full of all red & yellow leaves.  As soon as Benson saw the leaves there was nothing we could do to steer his attention away.  I love all of his cheeseball smiles in these pictures, this is exactly how he is all of the time right now! Cheesy, silly & busy!

Photography: My Story Is Art
M clothing: dress- Cotton On//sweater- Forever 21 //shoes- Forever Young Shoes
K clothing: shirt- thrifted//pants Target//shoes- Nordstrom Rack
B clothing: sweater- Gap//pants- Target//Shoes- Freshly Picked