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Atticus: twelve months

Twelve Months! This boy is ONE year old now!  How though?! I swear he was just born!  His little personality has just popped this last month!  He is so full of animation, especially when he gets all sleepy - he is so funny! It is our favorite time of the day with him!  He is a WIGGLE worm, he can wiggle right out of almost any "seatbelt" & will not hold still for the life of him!  He is very much a rule follower & makes a cute "OH" sound when someone else is being "naughty" or he catches himself being naughty! haha! Most days you can find him asleep - LOVES naptime or playing in the playroom - he would spend every second of his day in the playroom playing away!
Age: 12 months
Height: 29.6 in
Weight: 19.2 lbs

- Sleeping! He is NOT a morning person & hates being woken up from naps!  He will only sleep in cozy fleece jammies now & with all his cozy & stuffed animals! Cozy is his middle name!
- Loves playing kitchen & cars! He often goes upstairs by himself & shuts himself in the playroom! He loves playing with his big brother!
- Loves playing peekaboo, loves tickling & giving nuggies.

- Being away from Daddy! 
- Anybody else. haha big stranger danger phase right now
- The cold
- Diaper changes. UGH. Major sass!
- Taking these monthly pictures hahaha but really it's torture now

Big Moments:
- Oct 5: Started standing randomly by himself!
- Oct 11: Took two steps!
- New Words: Hola, Hello, Uh Oh, Nuggie, Boo, Tickle Tickle
- New tricks: Can turn & slide off the couch by himself, Can escape from his high chair, Can stand by himself & working on standing from sitting! 

- Still such a little guy!  Fits in 6-12 month clothes - some 12 months.  6-12 month shoes.  Size 3 diapers. 40% for height, 17% for weight, & 75% for head size - growing boy!
- Forever will be my favorite baby for sleeping so well.  Every once in a while he has a weird night & lately he has been forcing us to snuggle him before he will settle down for bed - but I mean... kind of love it. haha
- We have established that Atticus is an introvert.  He would much rather do his daily routine at home than go out, when he misses naps he is so grumpy & he hates being woken up so when we go run errands or go on an adventure we seriously debate whether it will interrupt his life too much or not.  He is a fickle little guy, who likes some adventure but not too much & really hates running errands unless there is food involved!
- He is officially allergic to doggies & hay! Poor little guy! He loves doggies!

Birthday Pictures

I am so in love with these pictures of the boys we had done for their birthdays!  They show each of their personalities perfectly.  I love that they are almost the complete opposite of one another.
Benson is wild & crazy & is packed with personality - there really is never a dull moment when he is around he always has to be the life of the party.  
Benson 3 years old

Atticus is quiet & reserved & is almost always giving us an eyebrow raise - always questioning life & everyone around him.  He is shy & has the sweetest most calm personality.

Atticus 1 year old

Atticus: eleven months

Eleven months! Atticus is growing so fast!  He is such a fun little babe right now.  As fast as can be, always getting into everything & making messes left & right.  He is content just following Benson along on adventures & playing all day long.  He lives for eating & can't be bothered with getting dressed or sitting still.  He is very much about his sleep & hates being woken up.  Still a home body & has developed some serious head bopping when music comes on! Our favorite thing he does is smash his face into anything soft, especially when he gets sleepy! It's so cute!

Age: 11 months

- His cozy.  His #1 24/7.- He loves everybody but has become VERY attached to Daddy lately! He wants daddy to hold him all the time & cries if daddy leaves the room!
- loves playing with Benson! His favorite thing to do is go wake up Benson from his nap & jump on his bed with him.
- LOVES his kitties - he makes the cutest scrunchie face anytime they come near him
- all the food. he eats from sun up to sun down anything & everything!  He especially has been loving apples, all the meat, grapes, & tomatoes!

- Running out of food.  He was yelling at the top of his lungs but I've convinced him to say MMM very loudly instead - cute, but still annoying. He is a bottomless pit!
- Going to bed.  Serious FOMO.
- Getting dressed or wearing a diaper.
- Teething - never put him down & snuggle forever.
- If daddy won't hold him.  Immediate tears.

Big Moments:
- Started saying "bye bye" & "ni ni (night)"
- Can stand for a couple of seconds by himself!
- Got tooth #7!
- Randomly stands for a few seconds by himself!

- Growing like crazy! He is fitting more & more into 9-12 month clothes now, wearing size 3 diapers & still in 6 month shoes!
- He sleeps through the night (7:30- 7:30) & takes all his naps like a pro! This is why he may or may not be the favorite child! Kid loves his sleep!
- He has gotten quite good at the tantrums lately!  He's really picking it up from his brother, he knows if he throws a big enough fit someone is bound to give him what he wants!

Benson: 2.5 years

Before he turns three I feel like I should document this 2.5 year old.  The sentence to best describe Benson is.. to know Benson, is to love him.  He has a contagious personality full of laughter & love & kindness.  He has no shortage of energy & is the busiest person you will ever meet.  His love language is kisses & hugs.  He loves every holiday & doing activities. He was born to be a big brother & has taken on his role perfectly.  He is also such a helper, he loves doing his "jobs" - feeding the kitties, putting dishes away with mommy, setting the table for meals & "making" his bed.  He has really grown up this past year & we love him so much!

Age: 2.5 years old

- Loves playing outside! Whether it's rainy, snowy or sunny he is always begging me to play outside.  He spends most of his days in his sandbox or playing in his water table.  He has recently discovered bugs & is always looking for new bugs outside with his magnifying glass.
- Consequently he also loves TV.. he is currently obsessed with PJ Masks, Little Einsteins (forever!), Wall-E, Chuggington, Snoopy & The Magic School Bus!  He will pretty much watch anything though, but has his very precise requests.
- Food! Benson has become the BEST eater! He would eat all day long if I let him.  He loves berries, tomatoes, cereal, PB&J shandwishes, "roni cheese", "yogo & nola", pancakes & grapes.
- He LIVES for leaving the house, just like his mom.  Even if it is just going to the mailbox.  Our favorite outings are Target (duh), the Le-bory (library), & the park! He LOVES the park.
- His favorite word I would say is favorite.  He says everything is his favorite.  & poop is not a favorite, it is gross. He also says love a lot.  He loves everything & everybody.
- His interests right now are anything with wheels & magnet blocks.  He loves trains & airplanes especially & loves to build & make things with his hands.  He is also a collector now, he has little collections all over the house of what looks like junk but is secretly treasures.  He also is fascinated with the moon & the sun & is always talking about them both.  Oh & bugs - VERY into bugs.

- Being told No... which now he follows with a whiney drawn out WHYYYYY!
- Taking naps.  haha! His mom is still holding strong though!  He will go through all the hoops to not take a nap, but will always crash at 6 pm.
- suck-ed the nose hahaha He REALLY hates having his nose sucked
- The only food he really doesn't like are potatoes & corn haha\

Benson Phrases:
-What you takin bout?
- That sounds fun! - to anything.
- Eldescent - Elephant, Crocigator (Crocodile or Alligator)
- Foo Buh - School Bus, Amerdica! (any flag),
- Everyday: let's watch a "youvie", eat "cocorn" & shhhnuggle!
- Schweeming poo - swimming pool
- When he doesn't want to do something he says "ummm tomorrow.."
- All day long: "Bebe is a cuuuuuute!"
- Asks everyone is they are a hooman. - to be clear he is a hooman & not a cat.

- Benson is such a smart kid! He can count to 20, knows all of his letters, all of his shapes & colors! He loves singing nursery rhymes & has most of his bedtime books memorized.  He is full of facts.  He loves learning & soaks up everything!
- Since his tonsil surgery earlier in the year he has made huge improvements with sleep.  He sleeps most nights through the night but will forever & ever wake up at 6:30 a.m. so now we are morning people whether we like it or not! He is happy as can be at 6:30 & will greet you with a big hug & a kiss for making you crawl out of bed with the sun.
- Benson temporarily changed his name to Grey for a couple of months.  He seriously wouldn't even answer to Benson.  But he changed it back & now just tells everyone his name is Benson Grey.  He is very adamant that his name is Benson Grey.  and he is not a baby, he is 2!
- Potty training: we've had lots of potty training adventures but still haven't made the plunge.  He is very impressed by his anatomy though & loves to tell anyone who will listen about his penis.
- He may or may not have learned the F word.. so that's been fun.  But also too good not to document.  My favorite F word phrases he has said are:
"Oh a F---ing fly!" // "Mom, we're in the F---ing car!" // "Ah! Not the F---ing blue playdoh!"
& the classic... "What the F---!" // "Those peaches are F---ing AMAZING!"
oh & the shit word "Oh Shit it's raining!" hahaha
- Every holiday is Benson's favorite holiday!  He is so creative & loves crafting & doing activities just like his mom.  But he is also getting more & more athletic like his dad & loves to go outside & play ball with him.

Atticus: ten months

Ten months! This boy is growing up so fast! He is so wiggly, always on the move these days.  Keeping up with his big brother & playing or eating all day long! He is the happiest guy (as long as he gets those naps) & is most content just hanging out at home. He can't live without his cozy blankey & prefers to be naked.  Living his best baby life!

Age: 10 months

Weight: 18.6 lbs


- Daddy! He has become a big daddy's boy this last month! As soon as he gets home he reaches his arms out & makes Kevin hold him until the end of time.
- FOOD! Food is life for this one! He is always eating!  His favorite foods right now are: bananas, yogurt bites, berries, breakfast cookies, tomatoes, & cheese! He hasn't met a food he didn't like though.
- Loves Benson.  His favorite thing to do is just hang out with Benson in his bed. They love to snuggle & can play together for hours! Cutest little best friends!
- His cozy.  Or anything soft. He loves rubbing his face on soft blankeys & animals.  It is my favorite thing!

- Nature/the sun/leaving the house. hahaha but really he is such a grump when we go out!
- Skipping naps.  His dark side will come out.
- Getting dressed.
- Waiting for babas or food in general. He yells SO loud.

Big Moments:- I wouldn't say he learned that many "tricks" this month but he sure can crawl fast now!  He cruises the furniture & climbs the stairs every chance he gets.  


- Party tricks: learned to say Kitty! & the MMMWAH sound for kisses. 
- Sleeping all through the night - he usually sleeps 7:30-7:30.  As long as he has his cozy blankey!
- Fits in 6-12 month clothes & 3-6 month shoes.  Wearing size 3 diaper!
- We did discover this month that he has had a lip/tongue tie this whole time! So hoping he is clumsy like his brother & breaks it but for now he's got a cute little gap in his teeth & that's about it!

Atticus: nine months

Nine months!  This is the age that I seriously rethink these cute monthly pictures.  This boy is ON THE MOVE.  He is exhausting now! Getting into anything/everything, climbing up the stairs, eating the cat food!  You name it!  But he is also doing party tricks left & right for us so that is entertaining, guess we'll keep him.  He is so funny & happy & eats from sun up to sun down!  We sure love him!
The reality of nine month pictures.
Age: 9 months
Height: 27"
Weight: 17.5 lbs

- FOOD. He is VERY into food now, if you are eating you better be sharing!  His favorite foods right now are cookies, eggs, tomatoes, & berries!
- Standing!  He is cruising the furniture now & loves standing at the edge of everything & terrifying us all!
- Loves his blankey, he can't sleep without it!
- Mama- he loves his daddy but at baba time & bedtime he is alllll mama (even if he is saying dada).
- Stringing the toilet paper all over the bathroom...

- Bedtime.  Naptime.  He's got some fomo.. or attachment issues..
- Wearing anything.  He is throwing the BIGGEST fits getting dressed haha!
- He HATES when you say the word naughty hahaha (truth hurts) he will BURST into tears.
- When mom walks by. ever.
- He is for sure a homebody, he really hates being out & about mostly because naptime!

Big Moments:
- Popped two more teeth through this month for a total of : 6 teeth!
- June 18: Officially started crawling!
- June 21: Started climbing!
- July 5: Started waving!

- This month we weaned him from the boobs!  It was a little bit of an adjustment for him but it was mostly hard for him at bedtime.  I loved breastfeeding up until he has now 6 teeth.. so it was time haha  He is loving bottles & mom is still holding him for all his meals, so nothing has really changed much.

- Party tricks: He learned how to wave!!! His little wave is so cute! & he pairs it perfectly with saying HI! & HEY! He also says, mama (sometimes rarely), dada (always) & baba!

- Along with weaning at the same time we were sleep training!  Rough month, I know! But I'm so happy to say after a couple of hard weeks this boy is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Someone throw him a party! We are ALL a lot happier & well rested! Hallelujah!

Atticus: Eight Months

This babe is eight months old! He is the cutest ball of sunshine & his little personality is really starting to form! He is so easy going & just happy to be there.  Until he is hungry or it is nap time then he is like done with the fun & can't hang anymore.  He loves to play with his brother all day long & WILL find that tiny crumb on the floor to put in his mouth!  I can tell he is going to be straight trouble soon, he loves making messes & getting into anything & everything but can't even be mad at him with his cute little face!

Age: 8 months
Height: 26.5"
Weight: 16.5 lbs

- His blankey! It's his #1 must have!
- LOVES animals.  He has recently started noticing all the animals! He especially loves his kitties!
- Taking bubble baths.
- He loves food! So far there hasn't been a food that he didn't like to eat!  He is starting to eat more solids than purees & is loving them! Cookies are his favorite, because duh cookies.
- Loves Benson, they are the cutest little best friends.

- Wearing shoes, or clothes, or diapers.
- If mom ever walks by. 
- Going swimming.  Warm water only please!
- Loud noises.  The blender, the vacuum, the drill, nooo thank you.  He bursts into tears!
- "Strangers"  Big on the stranger danger- he doesn't cry but he is just immediately reaches back for mom haha
- Grass! HATES grass.

Big Moments:
- June 5th: First word! BABA!
- June 8th: Got his 3rd tooth! Working on #4.- June 9th: Finally will sit up by himself!

- Supplementing with formula is really starting to show on this babe.  He is getting some yummy chunky legs & a little double chin! Fits in 6 month clothes, 3-6 month shoes & wearing size 3 diapers.
- He is a bottle champion now! Even holds his own bottles now!
- Words: He has suddenly learned a bunch of words! He says baba most frequently, mama when he is upset & dada! Every once in awhile it sounds like he is saying hey too.