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Atticus: nine months

Nine months!  This is the age that I seriously rethink these cute monthly pictures.  This boy is ON THE MOVE.  He is exhausting now! Getting into anything/everything, climbing up the stairs, eating the cat food!  You name it!  But he is also doing party tricks left & right for us so that is entertaining, guess we'll keep him.  He is so funny & happy & eats from sun up to sun down!  We sure love him!
The reality of nine month pictures.
Age: 9 months
Height: 27"
Weight: 17.5 lbs

- FOOD. He is VERY into food now, if you are eating you better be sharing!  His favorite foods right now are cookies, eggs, tomatoes, & berries!
- Standing!  He is cruising the furniture now & loves standing at the edge of everything & terrifying us all!
- Loves his blankey, he can't sleep without it!
- Mama- he loves his daddy but at baba time & bedtime he is alllll mama (even if he is saying dada).
- Stringing the toilet paper all over the bathroom...

- Bedtime.  Naptime.  He's got some fomo.. or attachment issues..
- Wearing anything.  He is throwing the BIGGEST fits getting dressed haha!
- He HATES when you say the word naughty hahaha (truth hurts) he will BURST into tears.
- When mom walks by. ever.
- He is for sure a homebody, he really hates being out & about mostly because naptime!

Big Moments:
- Popped two more teeth through this month for a total of : 6 teeth!
- June 18: Officially started crawling!
- June 21: Started climbing!
- July 5: Started waving!

- This month we weaned him from the boobs!  It was a little bit of an adjustment for him but it was mostly hard for him at bedtime.  I loved breastfeeding up until he has now 6 teeth.. so it was time haha  He is loving bottles & mom is still holding him for all his meals, so nothing has really changed much.

- Party tricks: He learned how to wave!!! His little wave is so cute! & he pairs it perfectly with saying HI! & HEY! He also says, mama (sometimes rarely), dada (always) & baba!

- Along with weaning at the same time we were sleep training!  Rough month, I know! But I'm so happy to say after a couple of hard weeks this boy is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Someone throw him a party! We are ALL a lot happier & well rested! Hallelujah!

Atticus: Eight Months

This babe is eight months old! He is the cutest ball of sunshine & his little personality is really starting to form! He is so easy going & just happy to be there.  Until he is hungry or it is nap time then he is like done with the fun & can't hang anymore.  He loves to play with his brother all day long & WILL find that tiny crumb on the floor to put in his mouth!  I can tell he is going to be straight trouble soon, he loves making messes & getting into anything & everything but can't even be mad at him with his cute little face!

Age: 8 months
Height: 26.5"
Weight: 16.5 lbs

- His blankey! It's his #1 must have!
- LOVES animals.  He has recently started noticing all the animals! He especially loves his kitties!
- Taking bubble baths.
- He loves food! So far there hasn't been a food that he didn't like to eat!  He is starting to eat more solids than purees & is loving them! Cookies are his favorite, because duh cookies.
- Loves Benson, they are the cutest little best friends.

- Wearing shoes, or clothes, or diapers.
- If mom ever walks by. 
- Going swimming.  Warm water only please!
- Loud noises.  The blender, the vacuum, the drill, nooo thank you.  He bursts into tears!
- "Strangers"  Big on the stranger danger- he doesn't cry but he is just immediately reaches back for mom haha
- Grass! HATES grass.

Big Moments:
- June 5th: First word! BABA!
- June 8th: Got his 3rd tooth! Working on #4.- June 9th: Finally will sit up by himself!

- Supplementing with formula is really starting to show on this babe.  He is getting some yummy chunky legs & a little double chin! Fits in 6 month clothes, 3-6 month shoes & wearing size 3 diapers.
- He is a bottle champion now! Even holds his own bottles now!
- Words: He has suddenly learned a bunch of words! He says baba most frequently, mama when he is upset & dada! Every once in awhile it sounds like he is saying hey too.

Atticus: Seven Months

7 months of this little cutie pie in our lives!  I can't even imagine life before him, he brings so much happiness to us & just goes with the flow (until bedtime then he's a little monster).  He is on the go now scooting all around & loves playing with all his brothers toys, he'll just lay in there & play with him forever.  He's the giggliest, most smiley baby & is showing off his two little teeth all the time!  Love this happy little babe!

Age: 7 months
Height: 26.25"
Weight: 15.5 lbs

- Playing with his big brother & stealing all his toys.
- LOVES eating baby food! Especially loves bananas & sweet potatoes!
- His lovey blankey! Rubs it on his face to fall asleep!
- Being tickled & playing peekaboo
- When mom plays pizza baby! (Throw him in the air like a pizza) The biggest giggles!
- Loves daddy's beard & pulling on it.

- Being put down..
- When mom leaves the room, ever.
- Bedtime.  He has some serious fomo.
- Teething.

Big Moments:
- April 23: Started scooting!
- May 8: Basically crawling, he's got that army crawl down pretty good!
- May 10: Started to hold his own bottle!
- Starting to fill out 6 month clothes, size 3 diapers (cause #blowouts) & 3-6 month shoes!
- Atticus is just a little guy, in the 5% so we are working on chunking him up, he is still growing but just his weight has been a mild concern.  So give this boy a cheesecake with a side of fries!  Or.. banana baby food & some extra milk. haha
- After what feels like forever, Atticus will finally take a bottle again! FREEDOM! (& still no binkies)

Atticus six months

How is my little baby already HALFWAY to a year old?  Atticus is the big six months! Suddenly he is this big baby, well not in stature he is very much a small baby but more in a sense that he has people to see & places to go!  He popped TWO teeth in this month & likes to jump in every second of his spare time.  He is such a wiggly baby!  But also the happiest baby on earth so we'll keep him!

Age: 6 months 
Height: 26 in
Weight: 14.5 lbs

- Eating baby food!
- Moshing in his bouncer
- LOVES his big brother - he gets the biggest giggles from him!
- Touching peoples faces!
- Sleeping, he is still such a great sleeper despite two teeth!

- Getting dressed
- A full diaper
- His car seat! Major tears.
- Bedtime has been a little rough lately.
- Taking medicine - reallllllly hates it.

Big Moments:
- March 24: Tried his first food! Avacado! Loved it!
- March 30: Got his first tooth!
- April 1: First Easter! 
- April 5: Flew on his first airplane!
- April 9: Got his second tooth!

- Still fits in 3-6 month clothes & wears a size 2 diaper.  3-6 month shoes are still loose on him!  Tiny itty bitty baby.
- Still winning at that blowout game.  Destroying outfits left & right.
- Took his first airplane ride to Nashville this month! He was a dream on the airplane.  Ate & passed out & woke up 10 minutes before we landed.  Both times!  He was such a flirt to everyone that talked to us in the airport/ on the airplane.  He wasn't the happiest camper on our actual trip- but he was cutting a tooth the entire time so we'll let it slide.  He loved going to the zoo & looking at the animals!  And meeting his great aunt & uncle for the first time!  And yes, there were a whole lot of blowouts on our trip.  This kid.

Atticus: five months

Atticus is five months old!  This has got to be my favorite age ever, he is so giggly & happy & just loving life right now.  He rolls every which way now & found his cute toes & loves to chomp on his little hands all day long.  He loves to yell & coo & has the cutest little voice.  We can't get enough of him, especially with these new thigh rolls he's working on. YUM.

Age: 5 months
Height: 25.5 in.
Weight: 14.5 lbs

- Being tickled - he is SO ticklish especially his back!
- Loves chewing on his hands- possibly a sign of a toothy?
- Napping!
- Waking up in the morning, he is SO happy every morning!
- He's all about that toy life now, especially Benson's toys! So it begins!

- Bottles... mom is very flustered about this.
- Going to bed - naps are fantastic but bedtime is another story, but then he sleeps for eternity so it's okay.
- His big brother.  He loves him the most I'd say.
- When he gets stuck on his belly.
- Full diapers always

Big Moments:
- Feb 11: Found his toes!
- Feb 14: First Valentines! All heart eyes for him everyday.
- Feb 28: First time in his chair! Big boy!- Mar 4: Learned to roll both ways!

- Fits in 3-6 month clothes & size 2 diapers but has a tiny booty so all his pants fall off
- Wins for worst blowouts!  Destroyed a solid 5 outfits this month!  Mom has given up.

Atticus: four months

Atticus is four months old! He is the best baby.  I can't say it enough, he sleeps forever & wakes up happy as can be.  He is giggly & content 99% of the time.  He is very expressive these days & loves posing for the camera. Everyone always tells us he is just the best baby, its true!  He loves everything & is just here to party.

Age: 4 months
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 13.5 pounds

- LOVES his thumb.  & currently only accepts a newborn binky.. but mom is determined.
- Big big fan of sleep.  Currently sleeps from 8 pm to 10 am with one snack.
- His own cute voice.  He loves yelling & talking to anyone who will listen.  He stops mid-eating to just tell me a story.  I love his sweet little voice.
- Bubble baths
- His big brother!  Laughs every time he comes near him.
- The big kitties.

- A full diaper
- Daddy's beard kisses
- His car seat
- Not a huge fan of the wrap
- Being hungry!  His needs are basic, although he is finally stretching out feedings a little bit.
- Shoes

Big Moments:
- Jan 22: Rolled over for the first time
- Feb 8: Trying to sit up all by himself

- Busting out of 0-3 month clothing & upgraded to size 2 diapers because holy blowouts.
- Wins for most farts & biggest blowouts.  Mom is quickly becoming defeated with poop stains.

Atticus: three months

Atticus is three months old!  He is really starting to develop his little personality & we are all obsessed with him! We spend most of the day trying to make him laugh & smile.  He's chunking up a lot & the rolls are hard not to chomp on.  He basically sleeps through the night, praise the heavens!  & loves just kicking & looking at the fan. He's just a dream!

Age: 3 months
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12.2 lbs
- Naps & Sleeping in! Usually sleeps in until 9 or 9:30!
- LOVES being swaddled.
- Eating.  He is chunking up so much!  Gimme those cheeks & thighs!
- All his siblings- even the fur ones.  He might sneeze everytime they come near but he loves watching them!
-Jumping & bouncing - all day he wants to stand & jump.

- Full Diapers
- Hunger but he'll let ya go awhile
- When Benson cries.  Big sympathy crier.
- Going to bed.  Not a fan.  Just needs some snuggles first.

Big Moments:
- Dec 25: First Christmas!  Got some pjs, Mama book, a rattle personally picked by his big bro, & socks! jack pot!
- Dec 31: First big new years eve.
- Found his hands!  Always trying to suck his thumbs & watches his hands move!  He also is a fan of grabbing moms hair now.. good thing she just cut it!

- One of his odd quirks is he will only sleep in fleece pajamas!  haha! He loves to be cozy & warm all night long, every time we put him in anything else he wakes up all night.
- Has become very finicky with binkies & really wants to suck his thumb.  Trying to nail down a binky he likes more than a thumb.
- Takes the cake for worst diaper changes!  Always pees on us & has some of the worst blow outs!  The other day he blew out a diaper all up his back, then peed all over the bed while mom was wiping his bum!  It was a big deal & then we all took a nap from exhaustion for it.
- Wearing 0-3 month & 3 month clothes- outgrown all NB clothes! So sad!
- Wears size 1 diapers although he has a lot of blow outs.. so might size him up.