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Atticus: three months

Atticus is three months old!  He is really starting to develop his little personality & we are all obsessed with him! We spend most of the day trying to make him laugh & smile.  He's chunking up a lot & the rolls are hard not to chomp on.  He basically sleeps through the night, praise the heavens!  & loves just kicking & looking at the fan. He's just a dream!

Age: 3 months
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12.2 lbs
- Naps & Sleeping in! Usually sleeps in until 9 or 9:30!
- LOVES being swaddled.
- Eating.  He is chunking up so much!  Gimme those cheeks & thighs!
- All his siblings- even the fur ones.  He might sneeze everytime they come near but he loves watching them!
-Jumping & bouncing - all day he wants to stand & jump.

- Full Diapers
- Hunger but he'll let ya go awhile
- When Benson cries.  Big sympathy crier.
- Going to bed.  Not a fan.  Just needs some snuggles first.

Big Moments:
- Dec 25: First Christmas!  Got some pjs, Mama book, a rattle personally picked by his big bro, & socks! jack pot!
- Dec 31: First big new years eve.
- Found his hands!  Always trying to suck his thumbs & watches his hands move!  He also is a fan of grabbing moms hair now.. good thing she just cut it!

- One of his odd quirks is he will only sleep in fleece pajamas!  haha! He loves to be cozy & warm all night long, every time we put him in anything else he wakes up all night.
- Has become very finicky with binkies & really wants to suck his thumb.  Trying to nail down a binky he likes more than a thumb.
- Takes the cake for worst diaper changes!  Always pees on us & has some of the worst blow outs!  The other day he blew out a diaper all up his back, then peed all over the bed while mom was wiping his bum!  It was a big deal & then we all took a nap from exhaustion for it.
- Wearing 0-3 month & 3 month clothes- outgrown all NB clothes! So sad!
- Wears size 1 diapers although he has a lot of blow outs.. so might size him up.

Atticus: two months

Atticus is two months & as always that flew by!  He is still the BEST baby!  He is so tiny but so long & has the happiest little attitude about life.  Always smiling, always well natured until he is hungry & then he can really get himself going.  He loves his sleep, has dropped a feed in the night & wants to sleep in until 9 every morning! (me too buddy!) We are just all googly eyes over him all the time!

Age: 2 months
Height: 22.5 inches
Weight: 10.15 lbs

- Sleeping, like all day & all night!
- His big brother, he smiles at him all the time.
- Drinking milk - boob or bottle he will take what he can get, which mom LOVES.
- Fresh diapers & getting swaddled for bed
- Bubble Baths

- Being woken up early
- His car seat
- Diaper changes
- Shots - major tears!

Big Moments:
- Nov 19: smiled for the first time!
- First Thanksgiving!
- Nov 27: giggled for the first time!
- Dec 7: Finding his hands!  Watches them move all the time!

- Rarely cries but when he does he really cries hard!
- Takes the cake for worst diaper changes!  Always pees on us & has some of the worst blow outs!  The other day he blew out a diaper all up his back, then peed all over the bed while mom was wiping his bum!  It was a big deal & then we all took a nap from exhaustion for it.
- Wearing 0-3 month clothes but still fits in NB mostly.
- Wears size 1 diapers, still has no shoes that fit him!

Atticus: one month

Atticus is one month old!  This month flew by,  I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital & now he's a whole month old!  He is just the tiniest little thing & is a dream baby.  Sleeps all day, eats & then goes back to sleep all night, I actually googled "Too much sleep for newborn?" the other day, there is no such thing haha loving this cuddly sleepy stage & our perfect little baby!

Age: 1 month
Height: 20.5 inches
Weight: 8 lbs
- Sleeping
- Eating, he's a ravenous little guy
- His big brother, he's VERY entertaining
- Warm baths
- Peeing on his parents often

- Diaper changes
- Hunger
- Being naked
- Medicine (gas drops)
- When he pees on himself

Big Moments:
- Takes binky & bottle & nurses like a pro
- First outing: Target, per tradition.  3 days old
- First Halloween!
- At one month he has such good head control & is so observant when he is awake.

- Wearing newborn diapers & clothes.
- No shoes fit his tiny little feet.

tid bits: the first 2 weeks

Bringing baby home!
I left the hospital after my 3 day stay, my sister took Benson for the day so we took the babe to Target on the way home (guess it's tradition now!) & introduced him to the the kitty babes & got cozy in bed.

My recovery was going great until I woke up on day 5 with a rash all over my body & swollen everywhere to the max!  I called in & they told me to stop my meds & to make it thru the next day & come in.  After a rough day, I started having a hard time breathing & started feeling chest pains which led to a little late night ER visit.  X-ray, Blood Work, EKG, & CT Scan later.. I had fluid in my lungs!  They gave me some meds to flush it out & send us home at 2 am.

Our transition from one to two so far has been somewhat seamless.  The average toddler tantrums have occurred & the only thing that seems to be affected is Benson's sleep.. which is so tragic since we are so sleep deprived already but we're tag teaming it, one person per baby.
Other than that though, Benson has been mostly unaffected by the whole transition & warms up more & more to him every day.  He isn't super into holding him but he loves saying "tute bebe" & "peeaboo bebe" whenever his eyes are open.  Warms my heart to see him love on him!

Baby's first bath.
Hated it until he was all snuggled up in his towel.

One week old!
Sleeps all day & eats ALL night.
& a dream baby with the sweetest eyes!

First family outing!
The pumpkin patch 2 blocks from our house seemed like a safe enough place to go!

The two week mark also marked my first day with the two babies all by myself.  It went better than expected, but while I was nursing (two seperate times) Benson colored all over a wall & dumped out an entire bottle of baby oil.  We barely survived mostly because we took a big ol family nap & then Kevin brought home dinner! But.. we survived!

Atticus: fresh 48 session

My lovely friend Jessica offered to do some fresh 48 pictures for us in the hospital & they are so precious!  I love every single one! & how she got some of Benson (the uncooperative 2 year old) I have no idea other than maybe magic?  He was so not in the picture mood but we got some real gems!  The newborn days goes by so fast & I'm so glad we got some pictures of those first moments in the hospital.


Atticus Birth Story part two

Kevin wheeled in Atticus for the first time & it was the most surreal feeling meeting him for the first time.  It's true what they say that your heart will make room for another baby to love.  I had tears in my eyes as they handed him to me & my body was flooded with emotions.  I wanted to examine every inch of him.  Just a few hours ago he was wiggling inside of me, for just a short 9 months.

As I unswaddled him I soaked up every detail of him:
My first thought was how tiny he was!  He feels so much smaller than Benson did.
He looks so fragile & angelic.  He was almost like a doll just laying so peacefully in my arms.
I can't believe that I have two babies now!
He has HAIR! Not like a lot, but the little bit he has is so cute & so soft! He has hair!!!
He has Kevin's nose.
He is so beautiful, I never want him to leave my side now.
I can't wait to see what Benson thinks of him.

Kevin placed him on my chest & I was in heaven (despite the whole nausea thing), I could just live in this moment forever.  A sweet fresh from heaven baby on my chest.  To relive that moment over & over I would have 100 babies.  It's the best feeling in the world holding your sweet baby in your arms for the first time.

We did skin to skin & nursed for the first time & just spent the afternoon the three of us.  The room was so full of love for this little baby.

Later that day Benson came to meet his baby brother.  I knew that it probably wouldn't be that special bonding moment that I had pictured in my head & I was right.. he walked in & looked at Atticus & then went about his business of destruction.  We bribed him with a cookie to come up on the bed & sit by me & Atticus.  After a few minutes of warming up to him he became fascinated with all of his tiny features poking every one of them & counting "one, two lips" "one, two eyes" "one, two, three, four five!" It was pretty tender seeing him interact with him.

Atticus birth story part one.

We made it all the way to our c-section date! Atticus was able to grow & stay healthy enough to stay put until 39 weeks, which we are so grateful for!  The days leading up to our c-section he was VERY active & causing all sorts of contractions so pretty sure he was just as ready as I was to be done with pregnancy.  The night before our c-section we took Benson & went on a pre-baby-brother celebration pizza date as a family.  The whole night as we ate our dinner, gave him a bottle, tucked him into bed I was teary eyed feeling all of the emotions of having a new baby joining our family & knowing Benson is no longer my only baby & would be a big brother when he woke up in the morning!  So bittersweet but also so exciting to end one chapter of our lives & begin another!

We woke up bright & early at 4:30 a.m., got dressed & ready & arrived at the hospital 15 minutes late..in true Kuhle fashion. haha We were the first c-section scheduled! We got checked in & they began the process of prepping me for surgery!  I don't remember how long the process of prepping really is, it took them until 7:30 to get every last detail ready for me to go into surgery.  We were wide awake going into everything this time, even though we barely slept the night before (due to excitement!).  It was a lot more calm this time around, I just laid there & got poked & prodded & Kevin played with our camera trying to figure out the best settings for photographing the birth.  By 7:30 we were all ready to go!
Last bump picture! 39 weeks!
They wheeled me into the c-section room first & I hopped up on the table to get my epidural.  I was so nervous my entire body was shaking, but the poke wasn't even as bad as I had made it in my mind.  They laid me down on the table & scrubbed my belly & strapped me down to the table.  This was where I started to feel a little exposed haha I mean I was essentially butt naked on the table waiting for the Dr...which I was last time but this time I was wide awake just waiting it out.

They brought Kevin in after they got me all prepped, thank goodness he was able to comfort me & rub my hand while they started the procedure.

It went by so fast after this!  The Dr. came in & said "Let's have a birthday party!"  & within 10 minutes Atticus was out!

The plan was to bring him over & do skin to skin immediately but as soon as they pulled him out he wasn't sounding right so they started to look him over.  He was having a hard time breathing & wasn't crying very loud at all.  Everyone kept reassuring me that he was just fine, he was just fine.  Which..just made me think he wasn't fine.  They had a whole team of people surrounded around him so I couldn't really see him.  Although all of this was a good distraction from the whole "sewing me up" thing.

It felt like an eternity that they were over working on Atticus' breathing.  They had some of the NICU team come in to put him under an oxygen mask but decided he would do better in the NICU.  They let me see him for a couple of seconds, snap a few pictures, give him a quick kiss & then they took him.  Kevin went with them to watch over him while I was wheeled into my recovery room.

I didn't get to see Atticus for almost 3 hours while he was in the NICU working on his breathing.  We are so lucky that he just needed some extra oxygen & that was the extent of his problems.  They told us that it is more common for c-section babies to have problems with breathing at first since they aren't squished out of the womb so there is still fluid inside of them.  I spent the 3 hours waiting for him..throwing up from being on the epidural medicine.  I ended up throwing up for almost 6 hours,  I couldn't keep anything down & they finally realized I was having a reaction to the morphine  & took me off of it, then I was totally fine!

They wheeled me down to our room where we would be staying & not too long afterwards Kevin wheeled in Atticus for me to see him for the first time.