September 19, 2017

2 years old

It's hard for me to grasp that I have a 2 year old now!  Although somebody must have told him the requirements for being 2 because the past few weeks he's definitely been preparing himself for some 2 year old moments already!  He is basically an adult with all his new daily words, says please & thank you (mostly), attempts to dress himself, has begun potty training & can push a chair anywhere in the house he wants & climb up to get himself some snacks haha! So self sufficient & gets into so much trouble.

Age: 2 years old
Height: 35.5 inches
Weight: 28.5 pounds

- Trains (kingas), Dinosaurs (donolos), & Cars are his major loves right now.  Mostly trains though, he's obsessed.

- Buckling himself in the car.  Also buckling up the seat after he leaves the car.  Keeps life interesting.
- Desserts!  He can now say cookie, doughnuts (doh-nuh), & cake! haha & always ends with a please, because he knows his parents have a soft spot for his cute little "peeease"
- Playdates! He is such a little social babe, he is happiest when we're playing with friends! He loves all his little friends so much! Sharing with him friends.. maybe not so much haha 
- The sandbox.  Dad built him an awesome sandbox this summer & he pretty much lives in that thing!
- We're back to 6 am wake up calls.. hopefully it doesn't last.  But it's hard to be mad when we go in & he is beaming! Morning time is definitely his jam.

- Being cooped up in the house, should make for a fun winter!

- Trying new foods. Typical? He has some serious trust issues with new foods apparently.
- All green food.  No way. No how.
- Sleeping without his kitty.
For the most part though, Benson is just him happy little self.  Not much sets him off, he throws a good tantrum every now & then but as long as he has a full belly he's set for adventure!

Big Moments:
- Potty Training: I swore off potty training until baby brother comes, but Benson has other ideas in mind & really enjoys stickers haha so one day he just brought me his potty & ripped off his diaper & went pee! Okay? haha He is by no means potty trained but we've been putting him on the potty here & there throughout the day & he gets so excited when he goes!  He has yet to poop on the potty.. at this point at least but I'd say we're making some progress!

- We had the big 2 year old appt at the Dr & he passed with flying colors! He scored above average (50/35) on his tests for his motor skills & cognitive development & they took a creepy picture of his eyes, which he also passed on! He took his shots like a man & even gave the nurse a hug at the end. haha He is WAY too friendly.

- 9/11/17: Had his first real "I'M TURNING TWO!" moment when he found a sharpie that his tired mom left in his room & took the opportunity to color some new artwork all over his room in the 10 minutes he was awake & left alone in there.  He really took off with that thing!  Mom cried a lot & then Benson got shipped to his grandparents for the day while mom & dad scrubbed his room.  It mostly came out, but there will always be the pictures for those sweet memories.

- He is super into counting and colors right now.  Daily he can be heard saying 1,2,3  haha & he just learned 9 & 10 so all the important things.  It amazes us what he picks up on!  He is VERY independent.  Every morning he demands to get dressed & put on his shoes.  I love that when he is done eating he insists on putting his dishes in the sink.  He's basically an adult now, but with a little bottle obsession still haha

September 18, 2017

34 weeks bump date


The baby is the size of a: 

Gender: BOY!

Name: Atticus Ezra Kuhle 💙

Bump: Atticus is running out of space (even though he's "small") & I'm running out of clothes that fit me.  I'm strictly sticking to leggings & dresses these last few weeks.  No pants, no problems! & Kevin's clothes fit me perfectly haha

Symptoms: Low blood pressure & low iron so.. no wonder I'm so tired?
Finally starting to swell, goodbye cute shoes & wedding ring!
Starting to slow down & taking advantage of B's 3 hour naptime to also snooze a little during the week

Sleep: the middle night insomnia has begun & i'm feeling like a zombie even more now so naps are necessary!

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: no aversions.. just avoiding the heartburn regulars & indulging on every craving I get
lately my biggest cravings are: caramel apples, breadsticks & pasta, donuts & my occasional drive thru soda fix haha #notsorry

Looking forward to: Getting this baby here! As uncomfortable as I am though, I'd love if he could make it until my C-Section date!  I can't wait to snuggle him & kiss his sweet big lips.  We're so ready though! Bags are packed! Nursery is all set.  Crib is set up in our room!  We're just soaking up these next few weeks as our family of 3 (well, 5..kitties)!

32 weeks: We haven't done much lately.  I'm just hoping & praying that colder weather in on it's way!  The 1st of September & it's 100 degrees! This mama just can't handle it anymore.  My blood pressure is out of whack & my iron levels are super low & I'm just going to go ahead & blame the heat.

33 weeks: Told Benson that Atticus was kicking me really hard in my belly! & he responded with "no, no, no" & I said "Yeah, there is a baby in there! That's why my belly is so big!" to which he replied "no, no, no, no, no." 
so.. he's in for a shock soon haha

34 weeks: We had our big measurement appt this week! Atticus is only growing in the 16% now, so looks like he might come a week or so earlier than my C Section is scheduled just to make sure everything is okay with him!  They aren't sure if he is just a small babe or if the 2 cord blood vessel issue is what is causing his growth to decrease.  He has a really strong heartbeat & seems like a strong active baby, he moves all day & night! Hopefully it's just that he is a cute little baby & everything is fine!

32 weeks   //   33 weeks    //   34 weeks

August 27, 2017

22 months

I feel like I need to do another update before Benson turns two, because at this rate he'll be a completely different person in two months!  I know, I know..first child syndrome but might as well focus on him while I still can right?  & he's at such a fun age.  I'm really loving his personality right now and how sweet & funny he is (most of the time haha #toddlers).  I feel like he has just wanted to be independent & be able to talk since he was born & now he is finally able to tell us all the things all day long & is a pretty independent little human being!

Age: 22 months
Height: 34 inches
Weight: 27 pounds

- phones, remotes, his tablet, tv.. basically everything I try all day to keep him off of.  If he gets ahold of your phone.. man he can open those babies up & fb chat all the people in seconds! & he is addicted to selfies, which I kind of love.
- kissing! He kisses us ALL day long & tries to kiss everyone we hang out with haha! whoops.
- TRAINS -- he calls them Kings since he won't say his T's.  It took us like 2 weeks to figure out what he was saying haha but every time the train goes by he stops everything & runs to the window to see it go by, luckily we live right next to a train track!
- Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Planes, Tractors.  If it's got an engine, he loves it.
- Dinosaurs
- Zebras? hahaha he calls them "nees" & walks around saying "neeeee" all day.
-Salsa is his latest obsession.  But only Los Hermonos Salsa.  He literally drank some the other day.

-poopy diapers
-the words "no" or "stop" send him full melt down mode
-green food. like really he won't even touch it if its green hahaha
-when dad leaves for work.  he's really into waving, but refuses to wave to Kevin because he doesn't want him to leave. Heart shattered.
-when he doesn't get to buckle every buckle in sight?  weirdest tantrum throwing reason, but when he gets out of the car.. he HAS to buckle the carseat before he leaves.
-getting dressed/wearing clothes but he loves shoes! #priorities

Big Moments:
- Since sleep has been a MAJOR part of his life.. he now sleeps 8-8 (sometimes 9!) & takes 2-3 hour naps.  It's like a big deal in our house to sleep in until 8 since for most of his life he has woken up at 6 haha! We're all such better human beings now!
- Has been much more aware lately that he is getting a baby brother soon! He doesn't actually understand gender obviously but he says baby & will rub my tummy or head butt it.. but points to things we buy for the baby & also thinks he has a baby in his belly.  So we're getting there.
- He talks a mile a minute, has said a few sentences (mostly about his dad..eye roll), & can count to 5! He narrates himself all day & sings sweet little songs.  I just want to bottle him up right now!
- His main jams are: ABC's, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Bingo, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Old McDonald.  But he loves Katy Perry & all of Trolls soundtrack.  He'll jam to pretty much anything.
- He is bomb at matching things & making all the animal sounds! My favorite is his snake sound & zebra of course.
- He new catch phrases are "boom baby" & "Huh 2, 3, 4" & "TADA!"

August 22, 2017

31 weeks bump date

31 weeks
The baby is the size of a: Asparagus

Gender: BOY!

Name: Atticus Ezra Kuhle 💙

Bump: Large & In Charge.  I'm to the point where people are trying to guess if I'm about to pop or not & then I say I have 9 more weeks haha being 5'2" & pregnant is rough, no where for baby to go but out.  Oh & officially can't see my feet anymore & seriously struggles to lace my shoelaces.  That's when you know you've hit the home stretch haha

Symptoms: Heartburn to the max.
A possible pregnancy induced dairy allergy.
The start of swelling.
All the aches & pains -- I literally take a bubble bath every day now.

Sleep: Sleep is getting more rough but my pregnancy pillow is my saving grace.  I've got my whole set up so I can be propped up (thanks heartburn) so hopefully that continues because I'm such a zombie without sleep.  A lot more naps have been happening, which Benson doesn't mind one bit.

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: My cravings have become so specific haha mostly carbs & salsa. But after having some seriously scary food poisoning, they thought I might have developed a dairy allergy but after 2 weeks THANK HEAVENS I just damaged my esophagus.  haha like no really & now I can eat dairy again!  We of course celebrated with ice cream.  Which is my main craving, just a cheap $1 ice cream cone. & as always cereal has my pregnant heart forever.

Looking forward to: Cooler weather.  We kind of have fallen off the grid with it being so hot.  I can barely go outside without feeling like i'm going to die so we've been rocking it inside with the AC & only going out at night, for ice cream. haha

28 weeks: Atticus is so strong now that we can just lay in bed & watch him move around inside my belly.  Most of our nights end in watching him go crazy.

29 weeks: Kevin & I went to a Taking Back Sunday Concert & seems like we have another rockstar on our hands. Kid moved the entire concert. 💗

30 weeks: Had my first non-stress test/ultrasound appt for Atticus! Wasn't nearly as intense as I was anticipating,  just got to lounge in a big recliner & read while he wiggled & kicked like crazy.  He has a really strong normal heartbeat & clearly has some strong legs, which I already knew haha all day & night.  He is measuring about 2 weeks behind so they will just continue to keep track of everything & do tests every couple of weeks & hopefully he just stays 2 weeks behind & no further!

31 weeks: I fell off the radar for a couple of weeks because 3rd trimester is totally kicking my trash.  So then we have been trying to make up for it & do all the fun things before Summer ends!  We hit up Lagoon & Seven Peaks & the Museum & then I couldn't walk or do much for 2 days haha but I can now say that going to Lagoon @ 31 weeks pregnant in 90 degree weather is the worst.  The only reason I survived is a portable fan that I carried everywhere with me.  But Benson & Kevin had a whole lot of fun riding everything together!

28 weeks//           29 weeks//           30 weeks//           31 weeks

July 23, 2017

27 weeks bumpdate

The baby is the size of a: Lettuce!

Gender: BOY!

Name: Atticus Ezra Kuhle 💙

Bump: Big & Heavy!  It's hard for me to imagine I still have 3 months left & I feel like i'm all stretched out haha,  I remember thinking this with Benson too  & boy by the end I know I'll look back to now I think it was nothing!  Gaining a little more weight than I have been but gotta chub up this cute boy!

Symptoms: A lot of heartburn.  A lot of gas. hahaha TMI. but.. really.
A lot of sweat.. being pregnant in the summer is literally the worst.
Some SERIOUS rib pain.. I guess this baby realizes he's got a few months so he's made himself nice & cozy in my ribs.. which is killing me!  So if you wonder.. is she wearing a bra? Nope, i'm probably not! haha! It kills to wear one!
The start of some swelling! Waaa.  I thought maybe I could avoid it this time around..

Sleep: The middle of the night potty runs have begun & that leads to the middle of the night can't go back to sleep.
So a lot of Mama & Benson naps have been happening in our house!  It's too damn hot to do anything anyways & Benson LOVES sleeping in our bed haha soo really nobody minds.. except Atticus.  He's hates me when I lay down. 

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: ICE CREAM CONES every night please.  & fries.  & popcorn.  & cereal. & a random steak here & there haha! Kevin secretly is loving my cravings.  Like one night it was a caramel apple, like SO BAD. & he happily googled places, drove over & got me one!  I love that man.

Looking forward to: FALL. hahaha BUT REALLY. It's so hot.
Getting our room all baby ready!  Kevin is working on a side crib for our bed & I'm soo excited!  I keep telling myself THIS babe won't be coming in our bed so I think a side crib is going to be heaven on earth for us all!
My due date?  Or at least being close enough for people to feel my belly is justified.  3 months just sounds like a lifetime even though this whole pregnancy really is flying by!

25 weeks: Went on our big BABYMOON for 2 days!  It was hot & we mostly swam in the swimming pool but it was the perfect little getaway just the two of us before Atticus joins our family!  Benson got spoiled by his auntie so nobody feel too sorry for him, although I think he appreciated his mom a little more for a few days afterwards haha!  

26 weeks: Benson is very familiar with the term baby now & no longer refers to himself as the baby (mostly) but points at my belly (or his belly 😍) but the other day we were in the store & a friend asked if he was going to have a new baby & he full on lifted up my shirt for them hahaha I was mortified.

27 weeks: I successfully made it through a full day at Lagoon with a toddler in 100 degree weather.  Where is my medal.

24 weeks bump date

The baby is the size of a: Cantelope!

Gender: BOY!

Name: Atticus Ezra Kuhle
like..90% sure on his name, still throwing around a few ideas but this has been my #1 this whole pregnancy!

Bump: I'm ALL belly (so I've been told multiple times haha) which isn't different from last time around.  When you are 5'2" is there really another way? I've gained half as much weight at this point as I had with Benson, which I should probably thank Benson for really.

Symptoms: Some major sciatic pain
Burning to death from the inside out aka being pregnant in the summer
Heartburn like cray
Braxton Hicks Contractions

Sleep: Still needing LOTS of it, Benson keeps me plenty busy all day.  But I have started to notice I wake up around 3/4 am & have a little harder time falling back asleep than normal, so I'm sure the pregnancy insomnia is just around the corner!

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: No aversions anymore! Just eating anything & everything I crave in sight.  Which is mostly fruit & popsicles so not too shabby! The occasional major for some fries & have had a weird obsession with chips lately haha but only like..1/3 of the bag & then i'm over it.  So if anyone wants to come finish off all these chips.. that'd be great.

Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery renovation & Kevin is building a side crib for our bed! I'm so excited to have a cute little babe to wake up next to again!  Busting out projects left & right in our house due to nesting but I'm getting so excited for every little detail that goes into his room & our room becoming a baby zone!
We just bought a double stroller & i'm excited to break that puppy in! We took it for a "quick"..not really it was long walk to a park nearby & Benson was estatic!
Our BABYMOON! Getting away for a couple days baby free before we are never baby free again!

June 13 (21 weeks)- Our results came back for the genetic testing as NORMAL! Such a relief.  We still have the journey of being monitored closely to make sure he grows accordingly but we are so happy we got good results! 

This month the baby has started moving like CRAZY! If I lay down at all he is all over the place & you can see it! I love being able to feel & see him moving around! Best part of pregnancy by far!

June 06, 2017

20 weeks bump date.

The baby is the size of a: Banana!

Gender: BOY!

Name: For now, Baby A!  We think we have a name picked out, but we're still thinking about it.

Bump: Big & proud!  
Last pregnancy I felt awkward about my belly & the weight & all the unglamorous parts of pregnancy.  This time around I'm just grateful to be pregnant & I'm embracing every stage & every pound with grace & enjoying it while it lasts!

Symptoms: All of the sudden I have so much energy!  My nesting is at an all time high (poor Kevin) & I'm busting out projects left & right!
Heartburn.  Boo.  Hiss.
Some aches & pains.  My sciatic nerve is killing me, but other than that I feel like a million bucks!

Sleep: Not super tired anymore as long as I sleep all night.. which is fun with a teething toddler but we're all surviving.  B & I might slip in a nap or two throughout the week to survive haha 

Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I think all my aversions are finally subsided! HALLELUJAH! Cheese on everything please!  haha I still don't really want desserts, but hey that's fine.  Because usually i'm shoving my face all summer.  My biggest craving this pregnancy is SALT. Salty anything is on my plate.  I usually hate ranch dressing & popcorn & that has been a big craving!  Mostly though I just crave weird healthy stuff like salads & watermelon! I'm loving it! 

Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery!  We're almost done converting Benson's room for Baby A to share with him!  We added more storage in the closet, cut some dividers for the dressers & now we just need a crib & to hang some decorations!  The babe will be in our room for a couple months (hopefully haha! we know how that went with round one..)  but I'm excited for them to share a room & be cute brothers!

May 16 (18 weeks) - Daddy & Benson got to feel the baby kicking!  Benson thought it was strange & just wanted to hug him instead haha! A cute tender moment.

May 27 (20 weeks)- Had the big anatomy scan today.  Baby is always asleep when we do our ultrasounds with his cute little hand by his face.  He cooperated and gave us a cute profile shot of his little nose.  We found out that the baby only has two cord blood vessels instead of three which raised some concerns  so we had to have some extra tests done to make sure everything is okay & we will be monitoring the baby a little extra closely to make sure he is growing & getting everything he needs.  Mom has been a nervous wreck since doing the tests & is anxious to hear the results!