12 weeks pregnancy update

Week: 12
The baby is the size of a: LIME!
Weight: I am so glad we finally told everyone because I totally have a belly & it's getting hard to "hide" it under baggy clothes! I've only gained a few pounds but kicking the Mtn. Dew habit probably evened out my weight gain.
Stretch Marks: No new ones yet! Maybe we can keep that one going..
Symptoms: Exhausted & still a little sick..i'm mostly sick at night which is a bummer for Kevin & I go to sleep at like 8pm most nights plus I have to take a nap in the day or I die! I've only thrown up once this whole pregnancy so far & I'm SO glad about that! Oh and I am super sensitive to smells..like really if Kevin throws something away I can tell him exactly what it was & it makes me gag.
Sleep: Lots of it.  I don't sleep extremely well already.  I've been stressed out about sleeping on my stomach so I think the whole sleeping on my side thing is kind of throwing me for a loop & making my back kill.
Cravings/Aversions to Eating: I crave simple bland food like potatoes, bagels, cereal & pasta. Oh & I looove me some KFC it's a big problem! I'm really really hungry in the morning & then so so the rest of the day so we have a lot of big breakfasts. I haven't had a lot of aversions but meat.. I'm fine with chicken but anything else kind of makes me squeamish & eggs make me gag so much.
Feeling: I feel better than I did a few weeks ago.  With my subchorionic hemmorage it's a different story everday, if I do too much then the next day I'm lifeless so I just try to even out how much i'm doing everyday.
Random: Since going to our "first real" ultrasound I have felt at such ease.  It was really terrifying in our hospital ultrasound when they kept saying "right now" your baby.. so the fact that our baby is growing perfectly & my hemmorage isn't affecting him/her at all yet makes me feel so much better & I swear has given me more drive.  Hearing the babies little heartbeat just puts me at such ease.

Our baby posing perfectly at our 11 week ultrasound.

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