the hate.

The hate that I feel for you makes my heart ache..
You are supposed to be someone in my life that I can count on, you are supposed to be there for me, you have never been there for me..and I don't expect you will be from here on out.
In your eyes..I am nothing, I will never amount to anything..and someday I will prove you wrong.
..But lets flip the tables around for a second & realize that you are can't mean anything to me anymore, and I won't let myself think otherwise.
I will never be able to please you, and I have come to terms with this..
I'm not as "great" as you'd like to think I could be..if only I could end up exactly like you..because apparently you are the almighty.
I can't stand to be near you..I can't stand to interact with you..and for the longest time I thought that it was me. I thought that I must be immature, which I was..but then I grew up & now I realize that you..a full grown man cannot seem to grasp the concepts of is all about you. It will always be all about you, and nobody will ever be able to get through to you.
The control you would like to have on the world makes me sick, and to think that sometimes I slip and act like you..that is even worse to think about.
This war between us will never end, even when the peace has been offered, you will keep on battling. & when I am long gone, and too far to will move onto the next target and destroy their life with your petty stabs and phrases.

You are an ass, and I hate you.


  1. Boo Megan...Boo on "him" I'm sorry if you hurt. MIss U. Love U.

  2. You are stronger than him, Megan. He has never been strong, that is why he pushes down those around him to make him feel better about himself. You will fly far away from him soon and you will have the best revenge possible: you will be happy. And he never will. *hug*