its about that time..

my life, has flipped completely around for the first time in my life I feel completely out of my element and I love it. I love the people that have stuck in my life now and I love the full feeling I've felt as of lately.

in case you didn't hear..

I made some rash decisions about my life, exed out those that were draggin me along and sobered up. I now know those that are important in my life. I know who means something and I know that the people I exed out were nothing to me.

Along with this process I allowed myself to feel..and in feeling, I found out who and what I really want out of life. Many of you know me as the.."man hater"? I always have a series of tests and obstacles that men have attempted to climb and only a few have actually succeeded. Well, caught completely off guard I let down those obstacles and fell myself, but I wouldn't so much describe it as "falling" but more..floating. That's the feeling I have, floating. There is no weight attached to me when I am with him. and..I love this feeling.

I moved out. I packed up my s
hih. and moved the fuuuhhh out. finally. :) and believe me, it was way overdue. I'm glad I could finally leave my dad's overprotecting nest..and it's amazing how even through all of the stress of moving and growing up, just being away from the environment that I have seen as "normal" for so many years..took such a load off of me.

So there it is, I'm floating through life, and nobody is going to bring me down.

That is definetly my new motto in life :)


  1. I am so happy for you. :) Reading this actually made me feel lighter. I think moving out will be really good for you so you can stretch your wings a bit and be who you are and that to be just fine. Cause, Meg, you're so beyond good enough, even though a lot have people have made you feel otherwise. You are a beautiful, loving person and always have been. You've had a difficult life so far and look how well you've handled it. You are strong and independent and ready for life. I'm so proud of you. You inspire me.

  2. Megan, You are the wisest master i have ever met. be my friend.
    i wanna learn from you.
    I wanna float.