the tests.

I thought of a big "ah ha" thought the other day that sort of blew my mind.

I was taking care of Kevin, because he was sick and all..and someone said that I sure was a good girlfriend.. and it came to me that I felt this was just part of my duty as a girlfriend to Kevin to take care of him and worry about him, make him soup, etc.

But it isn't just that it is expected of me to do these things, it's that I actually care enough to do these things. For the first time in my life everything isn't just about me. It's about us. It's a team effort and I feel like i'm not the only player in the game. For once I feel like I am fulfilling, and being fulfilled.

Then, I became sick, and Kevin was there taking care of me, even though he wasn't all better yet, because he cares enough about me to take care of me in the same exact way I took care of him.

It's finally hit me, that relationships can work.. when you find that person that sees things exactly how you do, feels how you do, has similar beliefs and mindsets.

Things can finally work out.


  1. megan.

    i love you.

    you are so cute.

    the end.

  2. That is one true statement. I figured that out when I met Brandon :)