the balance act.

When I look at Kevin, I know that I was meant to be with him.. when I see the two of us together I feel like i've always been with him, like when I think back to dreams of "my future" he was always in it. I feel like we are the perfect little couple in our own little world.

But as well all know, perfect doesn't last forever. When we first moved in together everyone said..just wait til the honeymoon phase ends..I'd never heard that term before.. I thought to myself "it's not like we're married?", but it was. It is. It is exactly like that. It's like every other relationship. You get sick of them, you spend too much time together, you have petty fights, you have cute makeups, you wish they would leave for an hour or two, you want peace and quiet like you used to, you get elbowed in bed, you wonder how many dishes they could possibly use in one day?

Regardless of all of this, the way you get over all of this at the end of the day is what really matters. When Kevin and I spent our first night in our new house, laying on a foam "mattress" with a couple blankets, we promised each other we would never go to bed angry. And boy, has that been hard, but we've stuck to it. I'm thankful I'm with someone who isn't as hot headed as I am, because if it was up to me..I'd go to bed mad, and he's sleep not near me. But he keeps me from being too irrational.

I love the way that he gives and I give. He watches desperate housewives with me (and he's going to kill me for saying that) and I watch the Jazz!!! with him. It's all about the relationship for us, we're in it together. We wash dishes together, we split the chores, we switch off doing things each other likes. I've never met a man so into being such an amazing boyfriend. I know that someday he will make such a great husband.

I don't think I tell him this all too often, but I am so greatful for him, for us, I am so glad that he forced me to fall for him. I am so greatful that he is in my life each and every morning and night. I'm greatful that he keeps me grounded and goes on "dew" runs everytime i'm low. He is my other half. I'd be lost without him.

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  1. You guys remind us of us. :D We can drive each other crazy, trust me. John is less hotheaded than I am, too. It's such a good thing, cause we made that same promise. He always manages to melt me. ;) Once we knocked our heads together when a noise (Miles) woke us up in the night. I had a headache for sooo long and he was fine. XD But we both put the relationship first and care about making each other happy. We both give, there's not a giver and a taker. And I really love that. I'm so happy for you. Love takes a lot of work, but it's worth it. :)