the tears.

Teaching Preschool is such a rewarding job. It can be both hair pulling, and so heart melting all at the same time. Today I got to feel the heart melting after weeks of hair pulling. I put together "Scrapbooks" with art work, pictures, quotes from the kids, and individualized each and every one of them for that kid. It was hard work, I was super stressed for weeks, on top of that I was still teaching Preschool. The last few weeks of Preschool are chaos, they don't want to be there, I don't want to be there, but the final week of Preschool has to be one of the best and most tearful. We had a "Picnic Day" for our final day of preschool, it was so bittersweet, full of hugs and fun. I got many "I Love You"s and zero tantrums, for once. They all knew that this was the last time they would see most of their classmates and the high school aides. I teared up just thinking about how at their graduation they would pull it all together and we would all have to say our real final goodbyes.

Making their scrapbooks really is a mental way of letting my preschoolers go, each year I think it gets harder and harder for me to see them go (okay, so its only my second year..but I can only imagine what a wreck i'll be next year!)

It's such a great amazing feeling to be able to see them progress throughout the year, at the beginning of the year I always in the world am I going to teach them all of this? And every year I pull it off, they are so smart by the end of the year, and to be able to take credit for that makes me light up.

I know that I was meant to be a teacher, teaching brings me so much joy in my life, at times I think..why am I even teaching, why did I really choose this career..but then it's days like these that keep me going, I can't wait for this next year of preschool.. it will be so fun to see familiar faces return, and get to see new ones.

As for now, I'll just have to remember today, and how I couldn't stop crying to save my life..or read Oh the places you will go..because that book clearly was not made for me to read, I get to the last sentence and just lose it! I am so greatful for everything that has brought me here, I don't know where I would be if I hadn't gotten this job, I don't know if I would be as happy as I am today if I wasn't doing what I truly love.


  1. I love this. And I can see what you mean completely.

  2. You really were meant to be a teacher. You have always been so patient, so good with children. I'm so happy that you've been able to do what you love. Not many people get that in life. Well done.

  3. You're my hero! Love you, cousin! Those kids are lucky to have a teacher that cares so much about them.