the weight.

I have recently found out what true friendship is. To me true friends are always by your side, they support you (even if you have ridiculous ideas), they respect you, they don't go behind your back even if they know you will be upset, they are straight forward with you, they don't talk behind your back..

I wish that all "friends" could be true friends. There are too many people in this world that I associate with and can't even call a friend because I know they wouldn't give to me like I would give to them.

I am always there for people, I listen, I give advice, I am there for them, I fight battles for them, and then it always blows up in my face. Friends nowadays is nothing what it used to be. When you were little it was much easier to call someone a friend, the battles were much smaller, you forgot in days why you were upset with somebody, if only things were as simple as that now.

I hate to lose friends so easily now, but I can't be held back when where I'm wanting to be is nothing like what these so called friends are looking for in their lives. I am a forgiving person, but this has just gone too far for too long. A chunk has been taken out of my friends list, and to be honest its like a weight has been lifted off of me. With the boxes going, so did all of the stress I felt from you.. I cared a lot about you, and you just couldn't give it back. Therefore this isn't considered a friendship any longer..

Luckily, I know who I can count on still..and for those friends I am grateful.

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