the battles.

Everyone fights.
Every couple fights, they may not always be huge fights but they fight.
Anybody that doesn't believe this, obviously has never been in a real relationship before.
I think that the type of fights you have, sort of define the couple that you are.. in a way.

There are the couples that fight about never being together, like one always feels left out ..yada yada.
There are the couples that fight about being together too much (you know.. freedom?)
There are the couples that fight about pure jealousy.
And there are the couples that just fight..about everything.

I think I can say that I have been each and every one of these couples before, but anyone who knows me knows that.. I sort of enjoy a good fight every now and then..

I've always picked fights, with my siblings, with my parents, with friends, and people I just completely despised.  But when it comes to relationships.. I don't know if its the fact that I want a relationship to be completely lovey dovey all of the time, or if I just know that I could really hurt the person with what I say and do and ruin everything we have..but I will do anything to avoid a fight.

This whole living together and basically being married thing has brought out the best and worst of me and my relationship skills.. Not that Kevin and I fight that much at all, but being in the same house together makes it pretty hard to just walk away and sulk in the middle of your fight.

When we first started living together we were really just waiting for our first fight.. we were so lovey dovey that we didn't think we would fight ever.. but hello kitty brought out the worst in both of us.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with hello of course I would buy a hello kitty toaster and want it in my kitchen!  Kevin being the boy he is.. does not approve of my love for hello kitty so wasn't all that thrilled with the idea, but it stayed.  Kevin talked crap on my toaster every minute he could, but he did end of being the first to use the toaster.. and it burnt his toast.  He freaked out, not at the toaster..but at the owner of the toaster, who then freaked out about the hate of the toaster.

To say the least, we have pretty comical fights.
No matter the severity of the fight.. I could never stay mad at him, no matter how hard I try to..
While I don't think that every fight is necessary, I think that we grow from every fight even if it's just about who does the dishes that night..
At the end of the day it's not about what you fight about, it's the fact that you got over it.

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  1. John and I have had some of the stupidest fights of all time. A lot of the time, we're stressed about something else - like having no money or feeling pressured by work or friends - and so we find the dumbest thing like burnt toast (hilarious, btw) or Taco Bell getting our order wrong (*looks down and shakes head*) and just freak out about it cause we need an outlet.
    You're right, though, getting over it is the important thing. Letting stuff go, apologizing... John has seen me at my most horrid and pathetic. But love is awesome because the other person knows your deepest secrets, your ugliest self... and it's ok. It's ok.