the crazyness.

In the past month, so many changes have arose.

For starters, Kevin and I both got new jobs, Kevin got more of a promotion, & I got a job at a cleaning business.  We're both loving our new jobs! Thank goodness!

Then.. we moved from Lehi to Provo, a HUGE step (for me at least!)  We found this adorable apartment in Provo and moved everything in just one day.  To say the least, our lives have been just a bit on the crazy side for weeks.  

This whole move feels like we're basically starting over again on our own, which is really exciting for us.  The downside to moving is being a little further away from my family.. but I think we'll manage.  :)

After we get our apartment all put together I will post pictures.

Throughout this entire moving and new job situation I've realized how blessed Kevin and I are,  mostly me though because I have Kevin, he tried so hard to get this apartment that we fell in love with and he moved everything and has been so helpful putting everything together.  I don't know what I would do without him. :) 

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