the love.

With everyone, I've always been a bit to free with the "i love you's".  I mean, yes I remember with who I actually felt "in love" with..and honestly I feel a lot of love for everyone, that's just how I am.  I either love you to death or I could care less what happpened to you, guess it was how I was raised or something.

But with Kevin I wanted to wait, he has never been "in love" with anyone before and frankly I have never been this in love head over heels mushy gushy with anyone else before either.  This love with him is something that I never thought existed.  I always thought that you just put up with the person you were with, you said I love you..but at times you felt less than that.  Yes, you wanted to get married and have kids and the whole shabang, but you weren't always 100 percent sure..I thought this was how life went.  

Kevin changed my view on everything.  The moment I knew that I loved him was when we were sitting in my car at the gateway, we were going to go shopping, but we started talking and talking and talking about everything, we realized that we have so much in common.  We share more views than I've ever shared with anyone.  We both have been through a lot of the same experiences in life, and that's why we were both hesitant to be in a relationship..well I was a lot more hesitant than him, that's for sure.

Kevin ponders on everything, he won't make quick fast decisions.  He has to "sleep on it", or talk about it later.. or just avoid the topic all together. But I could tell that awhile ago he wanted to say I love you.. he would always look at me in that mushy way where his eyes look off in somewhere else but they are still staring at me.. & he'd say ..megan.. and then say.. never mind.

But finally, he told me he loved me. He told me he didn't care who didn't like me or what anyone thought of me. He loved me.  It came as a shock to me.  I didn't even know what to say at first.. but of course, I knew I loved him, hell I've been falling in love with him from the moment he picked me up on our first date.

For all of those I love you's I always spitted out way too fast, the one that I love and will always love, was definetly worth the wait.

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