the fam.


This word to me now warms my heart, but as a teenager this word made me cringe..  I'm so grateful that my family has managed to be there for me, through the thick and thin.  Anyone that knows the trials that my family has gone through, the ups and the very deep downs, we have eventually managed to come back on top.  I haven't felt this close to all of my family ever in my life.. and it makes me feel complete.  Hoping to make at least one of them cry.. i'll write something nice about each of them.

Mommy dearest, no matter what I say to her.. she will always call me the next day to see if i'm alright.  She doesn't have thick skin at all, but somehow manages to take my stabs & forgive me after everything is said and done.  

Father, this past year has been probably the hardest on him, and i've seen him grow a lot through all of his experiences.  No matter what is going on in his life, no matter how stressed out he is, he manages to always be there for his children when they need him most. 

Sister, we never got along as children, or really ever up until the past few years.. we have always been complete opposites of each other, but lately i've realized that she will always be my best friend.. and we will always laugh about the dumbest things.

Mckaybe, even though he is 12 years old, I will always think of him as my little baby brother.  Today seeing him pass onto becoming "a man" (gaining the priesthood) touched me, but I will still think of him as a baby!

I know that my family will always be there for me, as I would hope they feel the same about me..  As I come to the age that I start thinking of my own family.. There is no one that I would rather start a family with then Kevin.  Kevin is what I've always wanted in a boyfriend/husband/bestfriend.  He is my other half.  We have our own ups and downs but at the end of the night we always kiss & make up because we know that we will always love each other no matter what happens.  Him being the final piece of my family makes me feel truly complete. 

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