the fall.

I love fall.

I love everything about fall.
The cool weather.
The beautiful colors.
The fact that the best foods grow in the fall.
& most of all.. that I've never experience the fall with my love.

I want to go out & experience fall all over again with him.

Because, as you know, I've fallen for him.

I know I like to complain a lot, but it really doesn't get better than this.

He is all i've ever wanted, and throughout the ups and downs he will always be there for me (assuming there isn't a game on or something, ha kidding!).

I've really got it good, I have a wonderful man that is waiting for me when I get home from an amazingly rewarding job (3 of them actually!), a gorgeous home, and the love of my life in car version.

And the best is yet to come, to experience all of this in the FALL.
I can't wait to wear sweaters.
rake leaves.
eat vegetables!
make soup.
thanksgiving :)

yay, love.

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