day fifteen.

day fifteen.
-something you don't leave the house without.

well it can all be summed up pretty well... my purse, or as I like to call.. the black hole!
my purse has random things in it, every day I look for stuff in there.. and it's always lost.

I always have with me.. my phone, purse, & wallet.. but as we've come to find out I like to leave my debit card in my pants, on the table, anywhere but my purse..which is bad news!! (for kevin who has to end up paying!) :)

anyhow.. i'm a nut.  I ALWAYS  have a first aid kit with me! Nerdy right?  Always.  In my car, in kevins car, in my purse, at my work, in kevins soccer bag.. i'm a freak! but a safe & handy freak!

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