day five.

day five.
-a photo of yourself two years ago.

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I feel out of my entire life I have grown the MOST in the past two years, which is kind of irronic I would say.  Two years ago I was JUST starting out as a teacher, I was in massage school.. all I did was school & work, which was fun while it lasted..  I was in a different relationship, had completely different group of friends (for the most part) & was a completely different person.
I shed those that weren't of importance, got rid of bad friends & kept the people who mattered most to me.  I grew A LOT. & Found what I wanted out of life.  Today in my life I would say I am in the best of shape, while back then I wouldn't have said the same.
It's amazing that even just from these two pictures you see the difference.. probably the biggest one is my hair :) EVERYONE noticed my hair.. everyone still says.. didn't you used to have long hair? But when I graduated school.. I chopped all my hair off, most liberating thing i've ever done.
Two years ago I wasn't happy, today I am.

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