day one.

day one.
-a photo of yourself & how your day was.


My day today was like any other pretty much.. I work all the time. :) But luckily I have a pretty amazing job!  I'm a preschool teacher at American Fork High School, it's pretty rewarding, i'm blessed to have it.
Anyways, I worked, then I came home to Kevin, it's his day off.
We took a nap :) Because we are lazy bums.
& then we went to the mall & browsed, because we are broke.
& then we went to the park & collected leaves :) 
& now we are eating grilled cheese & fries (that kevin made for me)
Pretty eventful day I would say!

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  1. I really love this picture of you. :) It captures your cute and fun personality. I could seriously see this in a magazine, too. The colors are awesome.