day seventeen.

day seventeen.
-a photo of you with your family.

here's a few, my family is a bit spread apart.
 My mom & Brett the day they got married.
This was such a great day, i'm so glad they've gotten married.  They are completely meant for each other. :) I'm so greatful that my mom has met the right person for her life.  She deserves it, to see her happy, makes me happy, and Brett does this for her. :)

 My Dad.
This is probably the only picture he'll smile in, he thinks he's the funniest person on earth.  He's the joketeller, the prankster, the one who always jumps out from behind doors and makes you scream at the top of your lungs.  He will do anything to make you laugh.  He's a really caring man, and I really love this about him.

My brother, mckay.
 Although we don't see eye to eye MOST of the time, I really do love Mckay.  It's hard being a mother figure & being a sister.. he likes to push my buttons a lot of the time.. but he's still just my baby brother to me, no matter how big he gets.
My sista, Elise.
This is how we look most of the time, laughing.  We have a hard time being serious.  We are annoying.  We laugh at the dumbest things.  We scream in the car, take ridiculous pictures, she's always there for me when I need her.  I'm so glad that we've become so close. 

My new family, Kevin.
Kevin is what i've always wanted in a boyfriend and someday husband.  He's always there for me, always.  Anything that I find important so does he (except Grey's Anatomy!).  He is the most caring and loveable guy.  We goof off all day together.  I'm always thinking about him.  I truly have gotten lucky, since day one i've known that Kevin was it for me.  We've clicked in every single way, and that doesn't happen very often with me.  I'm keeping this one, forever <3


  1. We should just watch Grey's anatomy together. Brandon makes fun of me every time I go to watch it.

  2. seriously! Kevin says he hates it.. but then he sits down and watches it and gets all into it.. so he secretly loves it, just won't admit it :)