day thirteen.

day thirteen.
-your favorite musician & why?

Can't narrow this down to one.. i'll pick a few of the favorites.

Richard Edwards (Margot & the Nuclear So and So's)
 This is by far my favorite band of all time.  Their style, their voices, the genius of all of their songs.  Everything that they write is just pure genius.  I hope they never stop recording, because that will be a sad sad day for me.  I look forward to every tour, cd, anything that is to come. Love me some margot.

Dustin Kensrue (both solo stuff & thrice)
I don't know how he does it.  Dustin Kensrue makes some of the most powerful music.  I love everything that thrice makes, EVERYTHING.  They are the most amazing band ever.  I LOVE dustin's solo stuff too, he totally speaks to me.  He could sing any song and just.. gives me goosebumps.  Love him.

 Zooey Deschanel (She & Him)
I love Zooey as an actress, when I found out that she sang I was like.. i'm gonna love this!  And I do, She & Him is the kind of music that just sets my mood.  I love the old style that they have, her voice is amazing.  She & Him will be played at my wedding. <3

Conor Oberst
Conor Oberst is one of those artists that I've really grown with.  I loved bright eyes, everything.  Bright Eyes is the kind of music that i'm always in the mood for.  And when bright eyes reached the end I LOVED conor oberst's solo stuff, he just makes some great reach to your soul kind of music, then monsters of folk came out, and just blew my mind.  Conor Oberst is such a talented man, and dead sexy too.

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