day three.

day three.
- a picture of the perfect first date


I wouldn't say i'm shallow, but I def think that the first date stands for something in a guy.  I feel that in this day & age, as girls we settle too often.. boys text you to ask you out.. they don't pick you up at the door.. they don't even know what opening a door for you means.. they split the bill.. those sorts of things.  I had sworn off men for a while & then.. i met him <3
Kevin had asked me out for weeks, he wanted to go on a date so bad & I was very apprehensive, I didn't want to have a boyfriend and I didn't want to go on a date with a boy at all! But finally, I just gave in & said yes!  He showed up at my door, he actually remembered where I lived from like 10th grade (haha creep much!) but it was nice, he opened my door for me, and then.. he took me bowling :) 
It was such a fun date & I was so pleased with how he treated me that I gave him more dates, and then after much thought I let him be my boyfriend :) It just goes to show that an amazing first date, gets you a nondirty way.

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