day twelve.

day twelve.
-a photo of the town you live in.
This photo was taken on provo center in the fall. That's really how beautiful it is.

  I never thought in a million years that I would move to Provo, but then I met my beautiful apartment. I fell in love with the apartment instantly, it has ever aspect that I love, and everyone that comes over agrees with me as well.  
Provo isn't really my style.. it's just something that you sort of have to get used to.  I like the views of Provo, but not so much some of the people.. and if you've been in Provo you would know why. But I do love that we live so close to everything..anywhere we want to go is pretty much here!  Plus, did I mention that I have the most gorgeous apartment? :) 

Here's a little more taste of provo.. 

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