oh happy days.

October 2nd, 2010 

My mommy got married. 
To a wonderful man Brett.

Even though my mom and Brett have dated for a very long time, and live together and being married doesn't really change anything at all.. it seemed to be a life changing experience for her.

The wedding was beautiful, she was gorgeous.  They both had these smiles that radiated the entire day, you can just tell that they were completely meant for each other.  

And they are, they both are perfect for each other, they are just what the other needs out of life.  I have honestly never seen my mom as happy as she has been the last two years.  She has something to wake up to, a reason to live her life, she lives through Brett and their relationship and it makes me so happy to see her that way.  She deserves it so much.

 Brett & Mommy at the ceremony.
Elise, Kevin & Me at the wedding :)

Love you Mom & Brett!

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  1. They really are meant for each other! I'm so happy for them. It just fills me up with happy to know that they are happy. :D