day twenty-nine.

day twenty-nine.
-something you could never get tired of doing.

1. Crafting.  I can craft all day long.. I love to paint, scrapbook, and sometimes.. sew.  I'm always thinking of new ideas to make.. and i'm always spending all of my money making them.. but I sure do love crafting!

2. Drinking dew. hahaha I live by mountain dew.. it keeps me alive.. and even though the caffine is what keeps me going.. i'll never tire of mountain dew. Each can is a breath of fresh air to me :)
3. Preschool.  I'm sure that eventually I will either run out of energy or I will run out of patience but I will never get sick of doing what I do.  Every year is a new adventure with teaching preschool.  I love every minute of my job.. it has to be the most rewarding job that there is and i'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to affect my preschoolers lives each and every day. 

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