day twenty-seven.

day twenty-seven.
-a photo of you last year & now, how have you changed?

                     last year.                                                                       
Last year.. I didn't have Kevin. I wasn't happy.  I was lost... and I didn't feel like myself.  I had just graduated Massage School and was trying to piece my life together.. I made a lot of drastic changes to get to where I am today.  This last year has been both a challenge and a blessing.  I feel in the last year I have grown closer to my family and my true friends.  I've weeded out everything that doesn't matter and I've pulled myself together.  In the process i've hurt people, i've lost "friends", i've had to make rash decisions.. but I don't regret any of it.  It's been a crazy year but I'm grateful for where I am today.  I know who matters now and I have everything that I need.  I have Kevin, I have the most gorgeous apartment, I have an amazing car, I have a great relationship with my family and I have an amazing group of friends that are always there for me.  I have it made.


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