day twenty-three.

day twenty-three.
-15 facts about you.

baby it's fact.
1. i'm addicted to mt. dew.
2. i'm in love.
3. i can burp louder than anyone.
4. i spend money faster than i make it & faster than kevin makes it..
5. i'm a sucker for vintage anything.
6. i have too many clothes, but then again have nothing to wear.
7. hello kitty everything for me please.
8. i hold grudges.
9. i'm a morning person.
10. i walk on my tippie toes. shutup.
11. i love crafting. tooo much..
12. ocd crazy.
13. hate video games... :/
14. bracelets make me claustrophobic. 
15. i'm a preschool & high school teacher. already. yep.

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  1. I walk on my tippy toes, too! My roommates always made fun of me, but I've got the strongest calves around, baby!