day twenty.

day twenty.
-the meaning behind your blog name.

I was trying to think of a really awesome catchy name.. and I went through bands that I was really into at the time.. He is Legend.. AMAZING. so I was like that would be pretty sick if I wrote meganislegend.. so there you go!

As for the "name" of my blog.. Princess Megan. 

When I was in high school.. and Myspace was really big.. everyone would see me at shows & such and say.. oh aren't you so & so.. but of course they only knew my myspace name.  
So at the time I was in peer tutor with these two adorable down syndrome girls who decided to name me.. Princess Megan.  They would always yell it in the hall and pretend to bow down and kiss me. Soo cuute!  So I was like that would be pretty hilarious if people came up & said.. aren't you Princess Megan? And i'd be like..yep! haha so I just continued it on my blog.. it's sort of who I am to everyone :)

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