I did NOT sign up for this.

1. When me & Kevin decided to move in together.. after dating for 1 month.. I knew not everyone would agree..but I am sick of wasting my time dating.. either it's right or it's not. & me and Kevin instantly clicked, I found myself almost spilling out I love you.. on our like 4th date?  so we just thought it would be practical to see if this is the real thing.

2. the REAL reason behind us moving in together is because we don't want to be engaged without knowing that it is true... & seeing as how all of our parents have been divorced NUMEROUS of times.. you never really know what is "real" anymore.

3. I am NOT just going to marry someone that I don't know I can stand more than a week.. I want to have trials with him and know that we can withstand them BEFORE he puts a ring on my finger.. I want to know that he is really going to spend the rest of my life with me .. because I believe marriage is a one time deal. you either are in it forever.. or not at all.  

4. It really isn't anybodies place to tell someone else how to live their lives (& yes that is what someone feels when you say WHY ARE YOU MOVING IN TOGETHER?!?!?).. it hurts their feelings in case you didn't notice.. they don't want to talk to you or see you or drive to idaho ever in their lives.. they don't want to pretend they like you because you've already ruined whatever relationship could have been there..

& saying all of this.. I'm not someone who normally gets all butthurt.. but when it comes to not even knowing me & judging me JUST because I live in the same house as my boyfriend.. & you just happen to think that is wrong? even though you've met me twice? yeah.. that hurts.

think twice before you speak. just sayin.


  1. Love you Megan! Screw everyone! You do what's best for You!! :) I've felt this to a degree as well.. it sucks. But it all works out in the end! :)

  2. Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry someone said hurtful things to you. I have had some things said to me, as well, that really stung. It is so sad that a person would make judgment at all, let alone on something that is clearly so dear to you. I've been told straight up that I am a bad person, told that God will take John away from me because I've had questions about life... I've lost friends and most of them speak to me very little now. But, you know what? Apparently they don't care if you and I are happy. They care about what they think and that is all. I love you so much and I love love love how happy you are with your sweetheart. Of course you would want to make sure things would work - with all you've seen of life at such young ages, all the pain you've had, OF COURSE you would move in together and see how things go. Let it all fall off, Meg. They can't understand and their judgments cannot ever touch you. You are a wonderful, loving person and I am damn proud to be your aunt and friend. Don't you forget that. I love you.

  3. You little missy are so freaking adorable and I don't know Kevin but I'm sure he is just as amazing as you are :) Ya know what I think?? EFF 'EM.

    Love you!