I think it is fair to say that everyone knows I can hold a good grudge..
there are people from jr.high & if i saw them.. i'd just cringe because they said something, or my friend didn't like them, or heaven forbid a boy was the reason.
but i've always been known to hold a grudge.
once.. i wouldn't talk to my sister for a whole week because she unplugged my fish..and killed them all. Pretty good reason to shun her i'd say.
Anyhow. Grudges. I love em...well not really but I sure am good at keeping them.  It's sort of the bratty side of me.  If i took a good look at at least half of the people I swear I don't like.. I bet I could find it in myself to forgive them (maybe with all this Christmas spirit?), but I probably won't..

On a side note.  A few things I find unforgivable are:
-betraying my trust.  HUGE deal to me.  Trust. Big deal. If I consider you a friend at all (and you would know if I did) that would mean that I trust you.  I haven't found too many trustworthy, but those that I do I hold close to my heart.
-boys saying biiiitch.  really, there isn't a reason that a boy should ever call a girl a bitch.. it should be a law or something. because it's riiidiculous. & you will get a nice black eye (ask those in the past.. they have :)
-backstabbing.  I think that we are all old enough now that we know how to talk to each other face to face. & i can't stand it when someone does something behind my back. it's just straight up annoying..

anything else.. we'll let it slide.. for now. 

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