Holidays are a crazy time of year for me, I tried to tell Kevin this and he just didn't believe me.. but he sure did find out :)

This year we were in charge of 3 holiday parties (okay mostly me, and if you count my preschool that makes 5!!) And it was all worth it! I just love throwing parties! 

UCMT party. (Round 1)
This party was LONG overdue!  We graduated like what.. a year & 3 months ago? I thought well why not throw a party to get everyone to come together.. and by everyone I mean like 1/4 of our class, but still! It was SO fun to see everyone again!  I couldn't believe how long it had been.  We ate food, talked forever, & had a way fun game of white elephant!  It was so good to see everyone & i hope that we have more parties to come! :)
UCMT crew (some) in my cute house. 
Preschool Parties! (rounds 2 & 3)
Can you say complete hell? :) Yes, a room full of preschoolers wayyy too excited for Christmas, high school students on the brink of Christmas break + one VERY tired and overworked Miss Megan.. will bring you the party from hell.. but at least we all made it out alive! 

Kuhle Family Party (Round Four)
At first Kevin whined a lot.. and said WHYYYY do we have to have another PARTY!?! (even though he hadn't attended ANY of them yet?!) & resisted cleaning the house A LOT. But once his family came over and everyone was here hopefully having a good time.. he thanked me for bossing him around, shopping like crazy, and baking ten million things at once (not exactly what he said..but close) & was really grateful that we could spend time with his family, because it is a rare occasion.. but hopefully will become a tradition!

Bastian Family Party (My Family) (Round Five!)
Okay.. secret. This was the party I was most excited for!! And thank goodness it was the last one I was throwing!! It was all themed around the Grinch.  I bought a Merry Grinchmas sign. Bought Grinch Ornaments for the kids to paint.  We had roast beast, who hash, and .. who pie (was supposed to be pudding..).  It was great fun to plan and throw!  We played the white elephant game, charades, and a Grinch Themed Game!  Everyone seemed to have a great time!  I love getting all of my family together!  It turned out VERY well! :) 
& well.. that's all for now :)

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  1. Wow! You got a lot done! =) I'm sure everyone is grateful to you for doing it, too. I don't know if you know this, but I look up to you a lot. I want to be a bit more like you. ^.^