new years.

As 2010 comes to a close I hear everyone saying that 2010 was such an awful year for them.. but for me it has been an excellent year!

Accomplishments of 2010
1. met the love of my life Kevin darling :)

2. moved out of dads house!

3. dad ditched the wicked witch of the entire world (shari) 

4. dad met michelle & she joined our family!

5. moved to our amazing apartment in provo!!

6. mom & brett got marriaged! 

7. bought my new car!!! :) 

 hopefully 2011 isn't as eventful.. but very meaningful :)

New Years Resolution for 2011..

1. Save up for the weddin.

2. Plan for the weddin.

3. Pay off my dang massage loans.

4. Start School!!!!!!!!

5. Figure out which Career I want.

6. Get out of Debt. :)

7. Open an Etsy or Boutique?! (please!)

hopefully these take place.. not in any particular order.. well I have a few i'd like to see first :) ahem kevin! hahahah rest in peace 2010.

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