i quit.

quit my job today.

felt great.

i'm really going to miss all my sweet little preschoolers.. especially since I didn't get to say goodbye? But hopefully they already know how much I love them and would do anything for them.

As of lately.. I've just been treated like shit. & you shouldn't be in a job that you go to work and people make you cry.. that's just wrong.  so I quit.  It's quite shocking actually (okay it isn't.. because i've quit in much nastier ways before..) but I was just shocked at how poised I was.. I didn't scream bad words like i wanted to.. I didn't cry and pout.. I didn't say all the things that I really wanted to say.. because I've put my heart and soul into that job & now it's all going to go to hell.. probably won't even be there anymore..

But everything happens for a reason.
and I've just felt what it's like to have a BIG load lifted off of you.

I feel like I should just fly away..

I love preschool. I will have another preschool of my own someday. after the marriage & house.

But I will NEVER EVER in my life teach high school again. I can promise you that my friends :)


  1. More power to you! John and I have worked some places where they just treated us awful. And it really does feel so good to quit and leave it behind. I hope you find something better very soon. =) *hugs*

  2. I love you! I know you'll do great things darlin. GREAT things.