sisterly love.

I've only got one of em & she's the best I could have asked for :)

The picture basically describes us perfectly.  We are insane.  We can pretty much entertain us and a full audience any day of the week.  We have waaaaay too many inside jokes for you to understand.  We've not always been the best of friends.. but what siblings really are. :)  We've beaten each other up, we've tattled our little hearts out on each other, and now she's the only one I tell my secrets to.  She's always there when I need her.  We'll always be close, I guarentee this.  We will always have each other, and that is what sisters are for. :)

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  1. I love how close you two are. It warms me. I've always felt like I should have been there for you guys more and loved you more, but thankfully you've been there for each other. =) My sweet nieces! So special to my heart.