be mine, valentine.

the past few weeks have been craaaazy. we've had our anniversary, valentines day, both mine&kevins birthdays all in the span of 3 weeks :) very busy & fun. so first things first.

Valentines Day!! 
We started the day off with a cuuute breakfast (which I had to make & eat with Kevin fast due to the fact that he had to work, but thank goodness he works at home, right?!)
My mommy just happened to have the day off & we decided to have some much needed girl time so we went shoppin & chatted about life.. found the perfect dress to wear on valentines day! Was a complete success & I got to see my mommy!
Then when Kevin got off work we ran to the store & got all our ingredients for our cuute dinner! :)  For Christmas I bought Kevin a cute little grill to set on our balcony so he can cook all sorts of fun things on it!  & ever since then he has been dyyying to try it. So we decided to make heart shaped steak for dinner :)

Here's me with my cute chef Kevin.. in his adorable apron.

Kevin bought me a cute rose for Valentines Day (I was lucky & got my original present earlyyy!) 
I got a Cricut!!!! :) changed my life.. really, I'm in love with it! & the boy who bought it for me on black friday :) He's too sweeet.

For Valentines I made Kevin a "treat box", soo cute & exactly what he loved.  I modgepodged a cardboard box with cute valentine's paper & inside of the box I put cupcake liners that were filled with different candies & other surprises :) He loved it and snacked on stuff for days.

So glad Kevin decided to "Be My Valentine" again this year :)

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  1. How cute! Looks like you guys had a really good Valentine's. <3