birthday, times two. wooo. further prove that Kevin & I are soulmates.. our birthdays are only 13 days apart from each other :)  Which is both crazy considering february-march is a busy month anyways.. but it's also fun to celebrate everything together!

We both turned the big 21! wooo! party.

For Kevin's birthday we went to Outback with our BFFFlife Mike&Lexi! & had a little too much fun in Pier 1 while we waited :) I got Kevin a Seinfeld Triva Game (his fave tv ever) for his bday!
Mike forking Kevin... 



Then 13 days later.... was my birthday!!!!!!!!! :) & we went to Chili's cause i'm in LOVE with that place & used our gift card & got a free dessert cause of my bday! Kevin got me a Victoria's Secret gift card! :) Much needed to buy my swimmm suit! 

All in all we had very amazing birthdays & were very spoiled :)

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  1. I love you two as a couple. It just melts my heart. =) Happy birthdays to you both!!!