holy holy krrrishnahh.

Today was one of the funnest days i've had in a long long time. :)
Kevin & me, Mike&lexi, Elise & Rach alll went to the festival of colors.
We parked like 2 miles away.. ran,walk,ran,walk.. all the way to this giant temple with colored people (literally colored.. not being racist.. :)

We danced our asses off & got colored chalk thrown in our faces.
It was JUST what I needed.

I was very surprised that Kevin came to this & actually had a fun time (he's not the dancing, outgoing sort) but he was a good sport & looked so handsome covered in colored chalk.

loved today.

this is us before....

& this is us after.


  1. awww wow that is so awesome!

  2. I've been to the Krishna Temple, but I haven't ever gotten to do the Festival of Colors. How fun! =) I'm so glad you guys got to go and had such an awesome time.