So far wedding planning is going so good.. Kevin & I are real penny pinchers & finding great deals.. not to mention we are just awesome at wedding planning clearly!

But possibly one of the smallest details is the hardest decision for me to make.. so I want everyone to vote..

1. Grey Shoes

2. Yellow Shoes

3. Heels or Flats?! (Kevin votes heels..)

& last of all.. if you know of an amazing store or website for shoes PLEASE let the secret out, because I am finding NOTHING! :)

Thanks loves.


  1. Heels! And yellow would be tight!

  2. Yellow Heels!! You'd look hot in those! =)

  3. I like both! :S Gray would be classy and chic, but yellow would be fun and whimsy... I suck at decisions. xD Also, heels are sexy but flats can be less painful depending on how long you'll be standing/dancing/etc. I had a small heel on mine and my feet still were killing me. (So they might hurt either way and might as well be sexy while hurting... xD )

  4. I like those last yellow heels :) I vote Yellow!