we're engaged!

April 10th 2011 is the day that Kevin proposed to me. 
We started out going to hollywood, saw the sights, took funny pictures & walked everywhere.
Then we ate lunch/dinner at hard rock cafe! Love that restaurant! :)

Earlier in the day I had mentioned that I really wanted to go to Santa Monica, i'd heard great things about it & it seemed so romantic!  But I didn't actually think we'd hit it while we were there since our hotel was so close to Newport.. we were just going to go there instead!  But Kevin was so persistant on going there in the same day although we were pretty beat from the long adventurous day we'd just had..

So we decided to go there as well!  And I am soo glad that we did, obviously!  Everyone was right about Santa Monica Beach & Pier.. It is a sight to see, amazing!  We walked around the little cute stores & along the pier looking out onto the ocean.. tons of fun.  We almost went on the ferris wheel.. but my lovely decided he's too cheap :) haha so we went and walked along the water and found a spot to watch the sunset while we were there!  It was so fun and romantic!  

Kevin was talking about how happy he has been in California and how happy we are and such like that... very cute.  Then he started getting more serious.. and was talking about how he can't wait to married to me.. and be with me his whole life.. I obviously wasn't getting the hint.. because I kept replying like.. me too babe! me too! aww!  and then all of the sudden.. while the sun was setting he gets down on one knee & proposes! :) And of course..  I said yes. :)

Kevin is really great at spoiling me.. as you can tell.  I LOVE my ring.. it is probably my most favorite thing I own now, okay it is!  :) I never want to take it off! I'm so lucky to have a boy like Kevin alllllllll to myself. 

So August 13th we will be getting married!!

I love Kevin & can't wait to be Mrs. Kevin Kuhle :)


  1. I am soooo happy for you! And you'll be getting married two days before our anniversary (Aug. 15). ^_^ I'm so excited! You will be such a beautiful bride!!! =D

  2. Hurrrrray, how perfect. I'm planning on being there in utah in July but maybe I will try to push it back :)

  3. so so happy :) Can't wait! Let me know if I can help with anything! Not to brag, but I'm pretty good at tying bows if you're in need of a bow tier ;)