tea partae.

I never have time to blog much lately... not that anything big really happens everyday!  But a few things.. we are moving!!!! :) even though it is maybe 12 blocks away.. it's a big change for us.  It feels like to me that our current home is our "dating" home.. and our new home is going to be our marriaged home. :) ..and then we will move on to a REAL home soon enough!  But i'm excited for this transition one! :) 

Wedding planning is a success.  We are swamped, overwhelmed & stressed to the max.. as we should be.. But making progress at least! :)

We had a fun tea party photoshoot with our bff lexi&mike. taken by the amazing arielle aimee voght. (bff) of course. :)
here's a few:

p.s. my mommy made my dresss. :) well... transformed it is more the word! amazing. love it. love her. love life.

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  1. =) Such cute pics! You are adorable, as always. I had always planned on getting that "real" home soon. Still haven't gotten to that point, but now I enjoy not being anchored to one spot for a while. We've heard we might end up staying in North Carolina for a while, though. So, we'll see.
    I'm so excited for your wedding! You will be such a gorgeous bride! And it will have so much personality like everything you do. :) Good luck with the plans! Let me know if you need anything. (Seriously.)