wedding planning.

Kevin & I are like busy ants lately it seems..

We work opposite shifts & literally see each other for 10 minutes before our heads hit our pillows..the only time we get to spend together is when we are sleeping, which to let you know how much we miss each other, we keep falling asleep holding hands, personally I think we are just too exhausted to even move while we sleep so it just sticks. 

anyways.. wedding planning is going good so far!  
I feel like we are really getting somewhere!  Or I should really say that I am getting somewhere.  I guess I should be happy that Kevin just agrees with every idea I throw out there, but when this is all said & done he's gonna owe me big time. :)

fun fact: I never knew how opinionated everyone is about weddings. EVERYONE has an opinion it seems, even if I wasn't talking to them necessarily.  It doesn't necessarily bug me.. but I am a very opinionated person myself, so once I decide on something.. I kinda tend to stick to my decision. anyways, kinda found this fact out the hard way!

& 102 days until I marry my prince charming!

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