Father's Day.
My Papa.
My dad is one of the strongest & kind hearted people that I know.  He is such an inspiration in my life.  He taught me so much growing up.. hence my nerdiness. :)  He's always worked so hard for his family, and while we've  been through some really hard times and some real tough patches.. we've always managed to stick together and have laugh attacks about it in the end. :)  I'm so glad that my dad has finally found someone to make him laugh & smile.  He deserves so much in his life. My dad is always there to make me laugh, scare the crap out of me by jumping out of behind doors, calm me down, and comfort me.  I'm proud to call him my father. :)

My stepdad Brett has got to be one of the coolest stepdads ever.  He is an amazing photographer.  He's always taking suprising snapshots whenever you aren't looking. He has an excellent sense of humor.  He always knows how to crack up a room of people.  He always offers the best advice.  He's a very "cool" guy.. doesn't let things get to him.  I admire that about him.  I'm glad he's around to mellow out my mom :)  I'm definetely glad for his addition into our family :)

My Grandpa.
this picture.. is so cute. this is of my grandpa dancing with my mom on her wedding day. :)
My Grandpa is one of the sweetest men that I know.  He is always ready to help me with whatever dilemma I might have.  He has always been so supportive of me and my ideas.  He went car shopping with me when I bought my sweet ride.  He is a verrrry competitve game player, as am I, makes for a good game, that's for sure. :)  I love spending time with my grandparents, i'm so lucky to have them in my life, and so close to us.

& although Kevin's Dad is no longer with us, I love to hear the stories of him from when he was a little kid, and recently his mom let us borrow his cute pictures from his childhood for our wedding video.  It's been fun to reminisce on those days with him.  I'm glad that my family can add to his memories as well.

I know that someday Kevin will make an amazing father to our children.  He is such a hard working person already for the small family we are already starting.  He does whatever he can to make our lives so wonderful.  I am  so grateful to him, and so excited to be with him for the rest of our lives. 

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  1. Aw! This is the cutest post. :) I love how happy your dad is in that picture and I am really happy for him. The picture of my dad almost made me cry! I hadn't seen it before. He really is a sweetheart. I miss my family so much. Hug everyone for me when you can. ;)