Soo much has happened since I last posted on here, been just a bit preoccupied! :) so this'll be a fulfilling post to say the least!

We moved!!! :) Pictures later. but we LOVE our new place. it is everything we wanted & some. We are almost alllltheway unpacked thank goodness! our place is finally looking like our own!! 

Last week my sister, me & my bfflexi went to seven peaks!! :) 
SOO happy it is summer & finally feeling like it!!
Got to show off my new swimsuit I bought with my gift card Kevin got me for our anniversary :) 
..& apparently it's a bit racey.. but hey at least we know my diet is paying off! :) 
Me & Elise got a lil too much sun.. because we've been old ladies peelin off our skin for the past week. but at least i've got a little nice tan goin my way finally.. gotta keep it up for the weddin!

A few weeks ago Kevin's Mom & Stepdad Robert got sealed in the Logan Temple so we all carpooled up there & took a few pictures while we waited.  

And last week Kevin & I registered for our wedding!!! We are registered at Macy's & Target :) It was so much fun picking out all the stuff we cross our fingers people buy for us! & even if they don't.. it was a fun thought in the mean time :) Kevin loved registering at Target! They had everything he wanted & he had lots of fun.. by the time we got to Macy's .. I was the only one registering.. :) But still lots of fun! 

We just went & picked out our wedding cake & how we want it to be. :) So fun tasting all those flavors!! Def best part of planning so far. :)

& good thing because our date is coming up on us soo fast. :) We are soo dang excited for this! 

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  1. Yay!!! Registering really is fun. :) I'm so excited for you! *hugs*