wilson thomas.

R.I.P. Wilson Thomas Kuhle

Today our baby (hamster baby) Wilson died.  We don't really know what was wrong with him.. it came on all of the sudden.  But nonetheless we will miss him more than anything.
Wilson was almost 2 years old, so pretty old for a hamster but I still thought of him as a tiny baby. 

My favorite thing to do with wilson was pick him up and kiss him on the head.  No matter how much he hated it, he always let me, he would just close his eyes and bear with it.
He loved to run on his wheel all night long, and run in his cute ball while we cooked in the kitchen.  
He was the sweetest hamster.  He loved it when we sang songs to him and when we gave him cranberries.  
He always looked the cutest when he first woke up in the morning & when he drank from his "bottle".  He will always be our first baby ever and the cutest hamster alive.
We miss our wilson babies more than anything. 

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  1. Oh, Megan! I'm so sorry. :'( Sweet little Wilson. *hugs* He had a really happy life with you. You showed him how it feels to be loved.