hectic week.

For some reason this week has been so hectic for me.

1. My job. I love my job. But not so much the people. I love the people I work with.. not the people that come to my job.. they are grouchy, they always want your help & never even say THANK YOU!!! & people are such pigs. they literally throw their stuff everywhere & I have to stay & clean it up.. after working a lot of hours this week.. I cannot stand people & I hear it only gets worse the closer it gets to Christmas.. disgusting! 

2. Anyways.. on a diff note.. not happier.. I can now say I have been a victim of a scam.  Some "credit report" company has been charging my bank account for over a year without my knowledge! crazy..... but Kevin is a big mean man who yells at people on the phone for an hour & gets the majority of the money back. :) so glad I have him.

3. After a hellish week Kevin & I got to go on a hot date with a gift card he won at work!  It's nice to just hang out the two of us since we are always running every which way & hardly get to see each other. :)  I love him & am so glad to have him in my life!

& 4. Tomorrow me & my sister & mom are having a girls day & i'm SO excited!  poor Kevin has to work but he also gets the house to himself to watch football while he works so I don't think he'll mind too much! :)

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