update much?

Oh heavens. I haven't wrote for a little while..

Umm.. here's our fabulous 11.11.11 picture! We went on a hot date to Outback & watched Crazy Stupid Love & took this picture! hahaha it was ammmazing. we're such partiers.. 

Oh and Thanksgiving was so relaxing. We made a homemade Pumpkin Pie for my families dinner & ate with my dad & siblings. It was fun & relaxing :) 

I've made lots of Christmas Crafts.. but that's a whole other post in itself. :) haha

& my cute cousin Erin came to visit with her kiddos. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture with any of them but we got some with the cute babies! Lincoln & Nikki. We had so much fun with all the babies & kids & it was so good to see my cousins! 

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