A few weeks ago Kevin & I babysat my cute cousin Cassidy's baby Nikelle.  She seriously is one of the most adorable babies ever.  & easiest too might I add!

Lately I have been soo baby hungry.  All day at work I see cute babies (& some that scream really loud.. but I just ignore those ones.. cause I know mine would never do that.. hahah) & so many people I know have cute babies or are gonna have a baby! & I just come home & whine to Kevin how bad I want one! & he just pats me & says.. someday! :) haha secretly I know he's wantin one too! He just loves holding them & is SO dang good with babies! Who knew!

So anyways. We got to have a baby for a whole day! I kinda thought that it would cure our baby hunger.. but it only fueled mine cause Niki is so cute & has the most kissable cheeks ever! :) & watching Kevin take a nap with a baby was top 5 favorite moment ever!

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  1. you can borrow her anytime!...well, almost anytime.