Since Kevin & I have been flat broke we've been trying every way we can to save money! We moved to a cheaper apartment, that had upgraded utilities that saves us money, I've tried unplugging things around the house when we aren't using them, using less ac/heat.. And THEN I heard about all the crazy couponing going on.. and decided to check it out for myself :)

And.. I'm hooked.  I love couponing.  It is a little more time consuming, but with the savings we've saved it's totally worth it.  Our first time double couponing at walmart we saved close to $50 in one trip.  It was quite amazing.  Kevin even gets excited about how much money we spend, he's so cute to go to the store and search through our coupons with me. :)

I also started a monthly menu planning for our meals, that also involves our coupons so we are constantly using everything that we are buying... I have to say that I am so happy with how much we are saving & how much better our weeks have been when it's all planned out for us. :) Definitely makes for a happy marriage!


  1. Awesome! :D I've been thinking of trying this couponing biz so maybe I will too. ;) I'm glad things are going more smoothly for y'all. Organization makes me so happy that way. ^_^

  2. You totally should! I heard a rumor that army familys can use coupons up to 6 months after they expire? but i'm not sure if thats outside or inside the u.s. :) but couponing is the life man! it makes me a happy wifey!