new year.

I somehow had new years eve off work.. it's a miracle, i know!

So instead of doing something thrilling, Kevin & I chose to spend the evening at home.

We loaded up on Steak, Bacon wrapped lil smokies (kevin's neww specialty!) & other snacks.

We watched Scott Pilgrim & played Scrabble.  It was nice to just lounge after the busy holidays.

In this new year I'm hoping a few things will happen, call them goals if you will.. just don't hold me to em.. hahah

We both need to go to school REALLY bad.

I hope that I get a raise &/or promotion at work..
& I realllyreallyreally hope that Kevin can find a new job come march when he gets laid off..

Slowly climb out of debt!

& perhaps go on a vacation.. :) maybe a one year anniversary thang? hint.hint.

Oh & I guess my one goal to improve myself for this year.. would be to stop being late to work! haha i'm serious though! i'm bad. we'll see how it goes I guess! :)

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