happy birthday!

Kevin's birthday was on Sunday.. the big 22! :)
He called in sick to work.. since they were jerks & wouldn't give him his own birthday off!!
So I made him these delicious pancakes.. we call them birthday pancakes! :) he even got an entire candle to blow out! haha

The rest of the day we sort of just lounged around & set up our neww dresser (pictures to come once my wall collage creation is final!) which was mine & kevin's birthday presents.  He also got a super cool peacoat from H&M for his birthday present. I did want to give kevin something though so.. I made a TV Funds Jar where he can put a little extra money each month into to save up for another TV which he really really really wants haha. I even donated a whopping $5.05! hahah He seemed to like it though :) 

That night we went to Outback! Kevin's favorite place! :) We ate yummy steak & they brought him freeee dessert! As you can tell he was VERY pleased :) haha 


  1. Yay! Looks like a fun day together. Happy birthday, Kevin!

  2. I hope his work doesn't read your blog! yikes

  3. haha mom you are silly. he has paid sick days off he has to use anyways.. and he hates it & wishes they would just lay him off. cause he hates it!

  4. You guys are so adorable! Seriously, cutest couple ever! I can't even imagine what your babies would look like.