birthdays all around!

My birthday was last week.  Kevin took off work for it & spent the whole day spoiling me :)
The night before my birthday we went & hung out with my mom & stepdad Brett.  We went to Red Robin & had lots of fun with them.  My mom got me a super cute purse & makeup (Hello Kitty!) & Kat Von D perfume..obviously she knows me WAY too well!!! :) 

On my actual birthday Kevin made me birthday pancakes & more.  It was so delicious! He's such a good cook. Then we kinda just hung out throughout the day.  Which I loved, we are always SO busy so to just relax at home was way nice.  
Later that night Kevin & I went to Chili's! My all time favorite!! :) It was VERY delicious! & I got a free dessert!
Kevin & my birthdays are only 2 weeks apart.. so this year we got "us" a present & it was this gorgeous dresser from IKEA. :) I know, so boring but hey we really really needed it & it was much more than I wanted to spend.. but after watching KSL for months I gave up hope so happy birthday to me!!! haha since it was really for me, not Kevin haha 
But Kevin decided he wanted to buy me something anyways! So he bought me Just Dance 3, i'm so addicted to this game. So I was really glad he spoiled me with it!! :) 


  1. Yay! What an awesome birthday! John and I have birthdays 2 weeks apart, also, and have gotten "us" presents frequently. And the dresser is gorgeous! I think I need the recipe for these birthday pancakes! They sound awesome. :D I'm so excited that you are addicted to Just Dance 3, too! >:D It's so fun. I'm so glad you had such a good birthday. ^_^

  2. you cut your bangs!! super cute! love the dresser too!